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  1. Impeccable taste sir!! Yes don't recall that subtitle for Howling 2 . Robot Jox I saw in the theatre many moons ago, remember reading Starlog with its coverage & waiting very patiently for its release, rather lack lustre but has since grown on me quite a bit. If you've not seen Crash & Burn or Robot Wars I won't recommend them but I quite enjoyed them
  2. One of these days I'll get this warband done! A little progress on the Baroness
  3. Hey Folks A buddy & I split the latest offering from GW, I went for the Kruleboyz and he, the Stormcast. I offered to paint up his side of the box as I really enjoy painting but it will also give me a chance to see if I enjoy the sculps before I plunk down cash for some of my own. I've painted the old stormcast models from Underworlds but those sculps never did anything for me however I'm quite enjoying the looks of these new guys. I'll make a separate log for my Kruleboyz when I get around to painting them. As he wanted Yndrasta to be the first one started on (because I take awhile to complete things) here she is. Still a lot of refinement to go & the OSL part has to be redone (not dark enough) but I'm enjoying this fig a lot. C&C is always welcome
  4. Awesome job!!! A off topic question; I spend some time out in NS every year (outside of these Covid years) where do you shop for mini's out there? I know the GW store & Maritime Hobbies(can't recall if they have mini's though) but is there anywhere else? Thanks
  5. Plugging away on this guy, loving every minute of it! Still a long way to go
  6. Awesome! I just got my box a few days ago, split it with a buddy. I took the Orks but will be painting his Stormcast which I'm really looking forward to. Don't know the name of the faction but the black armour ones are the ones he plays. Again great job done on this guy!!!
  7. Absolutely, I know that feeling well!! I have stripped figures a few years later & repainted them. This is a faux pas among some folks but it doesn't bother me, I always take a few photos to remind me of what was. Thanks for the kind words
  8. The only real thing I have is a photo. The Ram's are for sure the first & foremost versions but I've read when production was halted/couldn't meet demand.....whatever the reason some Sherman's were retrofitted for use. Grand dad passed away before I was born so no chance to ask/clarify things. I'm currently awaiting (the very long wait/time) for his war records to be released to me. This is a touched up photo my cousin did as the original has several creases/folds, it was carried in his wallet for many years I'm told.
  9. I've been after this mini for about 6 years now & while I've found cheep knockoffs I stayed clear. For some unknown reason I decided to have a look around about 2 months ago and I found this place called Klukva miniatures! Very sceptical at first but people I asked about it said he's/they are legit so I said "sure why not" and ordered the fig. A long 6 weeks for him to travel across the Atlantic from Russia to Canada but he finally made it. Got say I'm fairly intimidated with this figure, I want to do it justice and paint it to the best of my ability but will be trying out some new effects (on a test figure first). In a lot of ways I'm glad its taken me 6 years to hold him in my hands as my painting skills have increased 10 fold since I got back into mini painting but think I should probably order another one and sit on it for a few more years and try it again.
  10. INCREDIBLE!!!!!! awesome stuff man! I have a personal project going trying to build a Canadian Kangaroo APC my grand dad was on through the Italian campaign. It was a converted Sherman M4, still have a long way to go (trying to find reference photo's of the interiors is just about impossible)
  11. "Contemplate this on the tree of woe.............Crucify him!!!!!" From my all time favourite flick CONAN!! This is a brilliant model & you painted it STELLAR!!!! I'll have to keep an eye out for this mini
  12. So with my area coming out of lockdown I was able to hit a hobby shop & pick up my first Reaper mini. I gotta say really impressed with this Reaper Black line! This Dwarf has been a blast to paint, I soldiered on & before I knew I didn't take ant WIP pictures. Still has some tightening up to do & the base but I'll definitely be in for grabbing more of these mini's.
  13. Waiting for my copy to come, have the PDF version to tide me over. I'll give this a go at some point but I was more into supporting 2 guy's that have channels that give a ton of useful/helpful info out to the community & ask very little to nothing in return. As for the mini, not saying they have the exact thing your looking for but sounds like something Malifaux would have
  14. This is flat out brilliant!!!! I've really been humming & hawing about buying a 3D printer these past few years, might have to take the plunge real soon!
  15. Skin tones can be a bugger for sure but you've done a good job here, fantastic job! That paint set looks aces, never heard of them so I'm off to look them up!
  16. So I finally got around to finishing one of the Crimson Court members, Prince Duvalle. Currently Warhammer Underworlds is the only game I'm playing & really the only mini's I'm painting. I absolutely love these sculps. As soon as I saw them I knew I needed them.....anyway, not entirely successful with my painting plan I still like the overall finish. I tried to do a TMM undercoat with Tamiya Clear Red on top. It is there for sure however the more coats needed to bring the clear red to where I wanted it kinda nulled the effect. C&C is always welcome!
  17. AWESOME stuff man!!!!! Been a massive fan of the genre since seeing Blade Runner as a kid in the early 80's then reading Neuromancer in high school (late 80's). You've done a top notch job here!!!
  18. Only if you want a matte finish! And to answer the question, NO, you do not have to wait 24hrs, you can apply it straight away if you wish, mix it in with the paint even. But really you should allow the layer of paint to dry to the touch, so depending on your environment conditions likely 5 min. However if you've used oil paints, 24hrs will likely be the quickest you could apply a sealer
  19. Stellar job for your first mini man!!!!! As Glitterwolf suggested, Youtube & Twitch are good starting points for learning, still a few blogs out there too, most important is to not sweat the little stuff & have fun. If you haven't come across it yet I highly recommend the Hobby Cheating series by Vince Venturella! Something like 150+ videos covering a massive array of topics
  20. What medium were you planning on using? For white I'd suggest you use a artist ink and as suggest practice piece and a non-titanium white. If Titanium is all you have or can get your hands on, it most definitely can be used however you may need to glaze back & forth between your colours & white to achieve your desired effect.
  21. I know we all live with a on-line world at our fingertips but sometimes local is the best. I'm fairly lucky to have pretty much any line of paints within a short drive of me but maybe this should be considered? I tend to glaze a lot so this is what I judge most paints on. Army Painter- Love their line of colours, being thick is a bonus for me but your mileage might vary, don't separate after a coffee break, Glaze really well, takes to water like a fish. I don't judge paints by the matt-ness as I finish them with different sealers but they are fairly matt. Citadel- Their metallics are not as crap as some folks say but they tend to separate quite easy, all their paints do for that matter, more satin finish, have some truly strong colours, take to water quite well, are quite expensive for what you get, Contrast paints are very useful (I don't use them as advertised though) Golden/Luquitex - Is what I started with because I had them laying around from my 2D art, their airbrush/ink lines are some of my favourites to this day. A little more expensive than standard "mini" paint but usually double the volume of paint. Best bang for your buck if you have a good art store near you. Reaper- My first brand of "mini" paint and I still recommend them above most others, they are really good workhorses, take water extremely well, finish does vary but mostly matt, colours are great, can be a pain to find them, don't seperate that easy. Tamyia- Standard choice for most military guy's around here, but they do work quite well, colours are limited, water can work but their thinner is much better, very durable finish, mostly satin finish, expensive (at least here) Vallejo- the industries workhorse, need a colour I'm sure they have 10 different shades of it, takes to water easily, satin to matt finish BUT HOLLY COW are they easy to rub off! I'm begining to think Spanish folks have zero texture to their hands. They manhandle their models and the paint seems to stay put, my hand so much as advances toward a model & the paint flies off it. I use them but in the process of replacing them with other brands. Their Metal Colors line is fantastic though AK- very similar to Vellejo, their older line tended to separate quite easy, the Gen 3's are much better. Take to water nicely, not as fragile as Vellejo but not great, great choice of colours, mostly matt finish. Gen 3 are a little more expensive. Scale color/75- They have some really nice colours but for me they glaze rubbish, layering like a champ though. Don't like water as much as others but will work, expensive around my parts (Canada) I own some but are not my go to's War Color- same as above Mission Models- great paints if you airbrush a lot, water....forget about it, will work but they suffer, need their thinner. Colour choice is limited, expensive but you get more volume. Very durable finish, mostly satin/matt....it has a in between finish. P3- Love them but hard to find nowadays, great colours, thin really well, love water, durable, Matt to satin finish. I suspect Jason at Pro Acryl really studied these for his line of paints! Pro Acryl- My absolute favourites currently. I've been using them for close to 3 years now & I rarely reach for other paints. Butter smooth, take to water like a fish, can thin them beyond what you think is possible, durable, matt finish, great line of colours, Transparent line is fantastic. Have not tried their primers yet but suspect they'll be top notch. They were fairly easy to order on-line when they were connected with Creature Caster for us Canadians but that partnership failed (I guess???) then importing them from the US was quite cost prohibitive. Luckily he has stepped up his supply game and now has some distributors up here so quite available again. I highly recommend these!
  22. Thanks for the kind words folks, really appreciate it !!! I'm almost done a couple of the ones posted above & will post them in the other sub-forum when I do, but I started working on another member of the Vampire warband. When I first saw this warband I loved all of the sculps but IMO, one just really didn't jive with the rest of them. So when I started painting batboy I was trying to figure out a theme for him. Then I remembered the film The Lost Boys & Alex Winter's character & I was set on my mission. Not 100% faithful but more inspiration. C&C is always welcome
  23. Are you using the Citadel primer or something else? It looks really smooth, like it a lot!
  24. Well good day folks, my first thread here! I'm a relatively old dude that got back into this hobby roughly 4-5 years ago after a very long hiatus. D&D brought me back but that somehow fizzled out amongst my gaming group, replaced with Warhammer Underworlds. However my childhood passion for painting little figures was reignited in a very big way. I'm not the fastest guy to paint a figure as life tends to get in the way BUT I do make it a mission to at least do something daily no matter how small that something may be. I really have no idea how this community has alluded me for this long as I prefer the forum format over the social's, but I'm really glad to have found it. This thread will be a very loose combination of all things I'm working on (Warhammer, Gunpla, D&D...etc) hoping to near completion in the not to distant future. Also currently I have no Reaper Miniatures but will fix that as soon as our lockdown is over & I can enter any of my local stores again. Hope you enjoy and please by all means C&C is always welcome!
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