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  1. The entire thread is political... give me a break... Is knowledge about medicine political? Is calling people stupid who choose not to be injected with an experimental viral gene therapy (such stuff has never even been called a vaccine before) for their own personal health reasons a-political? Not hateful? not inflammatory? Ridiculous.
  2. Told You I'd be moderated. Censorship is alive and well. Well, I'm off these forums then.
  3. Hey fellow reapers! A while back I came across an artist/group/studio/patreon (?) that was doing some really amazing 3d modeling (sculpts) and releasing them in huge impressive sets with beautiful marketing. This is not unfamiliar around here, but I have failed to find the set I'm looking for with all the top patreons I've found, web searches yielded nothing. It's possible it actually is one of the more popular patreon groups, but just an old release that I'm not seeing. Here goes my description: Aquatic / ocean / sea : mer-lion or mer-dragon, with a big blue to black backgrou
  4. [first post here on forum.rm] Recently did spraying and testing with some primers and varnishes: Most of these recent tests performed on: light gray bones, mid gray bones, white bones, and bones black. Will note if a specific test did not examine all four. >>Firstly, bones black plastic is much more typically resistant to tackiness... Titan's Hobby by Mig (Miguel Jimenez from Spain, the same guy that does "AMMO by Mig" line of paints and supplies): this was also in my original test that interacted with AP anti-shine varnish (see way down below), used the
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