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  1. Great job and an awesome model.. If one manages to assemble it 😉
  2. I love the "force of nature " feel that it has. Unstoppable and beyond comprehension 🙂 great job.
  3. Imaginative and fun 🙂 just remember that tamiya clears work best on metallics. Otherwise covering flat color base with gloss varnish is the next best choice for a quick and easy "wow" effect 🙂
  4. I try to avoid washes nowadays. The results are erratic at best ( unless You paint base coat 2 shades lighter than usual and dip the mini) . Zenithal and glaze does pretty much the same job but the transitions are smoother. My biggest gripe with classical black-Grey-white zenithal is that based on the figure's body position almost half of the body can be tragically underpainted. This manticore was an experiment of painting as much of the figure as possible during priming process, so priming and highlighting already using base colors.
  5. Great job. I have recently grown very fond of toylike painting aesthetic 🙂 it just looks so good in the actual game compared to x-layered/washed/filtered model that looks great on the shelf but turns to muddy mess on the table.
  6. That should work really well and would be a good step away from Brown/flesh beholders (althought I love the one from "big trouble in Little china").
  7. And an overview of the league of evil and villains for dragon rampant/thud and blunder 🙂
  8. Following this, I need some good ideas for mine 🙂 have You already set Your mind on a color scheme?
  9. I have recently discovered and fallen in absolute love with reaper wyvern 02299. Any chance of it being released as bones?
  10. Glad You like it. It was an experiment: basecoat Blood red, zenithal with fiery Orange, drybrush with some generic yellow. And then glaze with thin purple ( about 2 layers, zenithal still making a value difference) and final drybrush with emperors children Pink. The glorious behind done with glazes of peacock Green and heavy drybrush of generic mint Green. The wings did not look right after just reglazing them with thinned Blood red, so I went i to deeper reds and also glazed the recesses. Overall after preshading it with zenithal and drybrush, took less than 2 hours.
  11. Hello again. My newest finished project is this lovely manticore. Since it's basically a chernobyl Lion I have decided to go with a bit of neon disco style, for better tabletop visibility. Hope You Enjoy 🙂
  12. Lovely work. I'm going to shamelessly steal the skin colors of rock troll and vampiric guy. Good idea with the dragon slayer lady, I was thinking about doing the same but in marble. She's too true scale to play with other minis that I own 🙂 Henchmen and true dark ages color scheme are my absolute favourite of this bunch.
  13. I have assumed that the poster has used wife's gift exclusively 🙂 The Samurai below are a demonstration of this flaw of acrylics turned to advantage. The baldie has been painted with a near separated paint, taken non mixed from the dropper. The one with red shirt had a better shake and while still patchy, the color is richer. Reapers Peacock green is the absolute bomb :D. Before varnish they were quite shiny tbh.
  14. Welcome to the forums:) great start great brush control and nice thin layers. The only thing that I think that has happened (looking at the overall shine and color coverage) is that the paint weren't shaken enough and were still in a state of quasi separation of pigment and medium. Looking forward to seeing more of Your work 🙂
  15. What I see in Your work is very individual use of color and volume. It takes a brave approach to do Your own thing in a world of paintjob copycats 🙂
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