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  1. Unfortunately, there was no practical way to make the one unit fit everything that's out there, so we chose to focus in on the more commonly used miniatures ranges. There is certainly the potentially to make separate units to hold different sizes, but this would be a whole additional sprue. So unless we burn through the existing stretch goals, it would be an option for development in the future. The current design has a clip on the top, bottom and back to hold units together securely horizontally, with an additional vertical clip top and bottom on each side to secure vertically - you wouldn't generally use the vertical ones on every unit, just either end of the row. Although I'm also looking at adding some slide rails on the top and bottom to do away with the vertical clips entirely. This was absolutely something that we considered, but again it comes down to the number of sprues that we can realistically produce out of the starting gate. So multiple units are something that I would love to add in later, but are just not practical for the initial launch.
  2. They will be made available earlier, but as they need to match the final production version so everything stays compatible, it's impossible to put a date on that until tooling and test shots are done. The unit-by-unit customisability is the entire point. If you buy an MDF rack that holds 60 bottles of paint, when you find yourself with 65 bottles you have to add an entire new rack. And you're stuck with the configuration of that rack. StackaRack lets you just add as many units as you actually need, and configure the rack to the shape and size that best fits your space.
  3. I'm not sure of the bottle size on those, as I never used them, but the StackaRack cavity will hold pots up to about 32mm in diameter.
  4. StackaRack is a customisable plastic rack for miniature paints, designed to hold pots or bottles from any of the major manufacturers. Paint collections have a way of growing organically, and most of the current paint rack solutions out there are fixed to specific configurations, and made for a specific type of paint pot. If you're like me, and collect multiple brands of paint, that can make organising them a little frustrating, and so we thought we would try to fix that. StackaRack was designed to hold any of the major miniature paint ranges - from the dropper bottles used by Vallejo and Army Painter, to the tall pots from the likes of Privateer and Reaper (and GW's old range), and the current stubby Citadel pots. The injection moulded plastic parts will fit together with plastic clips, allowing you to build it how you like, and disassemble and reconfigure it as needed. Check out the project live on Kickstarter here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/spiralarmstudios/stackarack?ref=acpi8t
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