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  1. After a little "real life" delay, the Guindyloo Box is on its way home!!
  2. I have been involved in enough BoW runs, that I now get enjoyment to see other take things from a Box that I am not currently on, but was on the box run on a previous BoW list. That brings a smile to my face 🙂
  3. Guindyloo box arrived on Saturday, I hope to get into it in the next couple of day and send it on its way.
  4. Perfect, my Reaper Order arrives tomorrow and I picked a couple things specifically for the box 🙂
  5. Chaoswolf Just wanted to note that I sent you a message. Thanks 🙂
  6. I was just about to say the same thing 🙂 I just spent way too much 🙂
  7. But have you seen those cute little guys..... they need a home. Think of the Fungus!!!
  8. I my wife is about to hold a intervention with my addiction to little plastic peoples/critters. In my last reaper order I received 5 packs of shroomies, and my wife heard me, kinda talking to my self, about needing more shroomies to go with my 5 Overgourds and Dire Cabbage BBEG. According to her, I have enough shroomies and need to stop with the shrooms 🙂
  9. Does anyone know when the Reapcon Boxes and other left overs will be posted for sale on the reaper store? I know they said it would be most likely on Tuesday (today) for us poor unfortunate souls who were no able to make the trip to ReaperCon 😞 My boss would appreciate a time, as everytime he walks by I seem to be checking to see if the store has been updated 🙂 Please and thank you!!!!
  10. Unfortunately I will not be at reapercon, but I am willing to be a box starter.
  11. The final Box of Round 12 was placed in the hands of the postal service to make it's way home!!!
  12. Thank you everyone. I will try these out and the get the info and let ya'll know what happens 🙂
  13. I have a AnyCubic Resin Printer, I believe it is the Mono. (It was a father's day gift to get me started in the hobby). In the last couple months I have ran into a printing problem. I use Chibubox as my slicing software and to get the models ready, but there was an update to Chitubox and I could no longer get my files to the .pmowe (I think that the wrong prefix, I'm at work right now and trying to remember the exact file type). I tried using the AnyCubic slicer, but I was having problems. In frustration I check Chitubox and it looks like the pm??? files are back, but all my prints are coming out severely failed. I have replaced the fep film in my resin reservoir, but I keep having problems. Below are the pictures from my last fail trying to print some minis. Anyone have any advice? Thank you.
  14. It is a really good print job!!! I have actually added some of the "extras" from the kickstarters specifically to hold onto to put into a box of goodwill 🙂
  15. This was a good box of some great stuff. (I am a sucker for unique 3d prints, and there was quite a few in here). Here is my haul from the box: I'm glad for the shark fins, my Bones 5 was missing a couple and I was too lazy to send an email about them to reaper, so I'm good now....Yay.... I didn't take the time to unbag the chronoscape figrues in the second pic, my son is trying his had at running Star Wars, so these showed up at a perfect time to help out with some Sci-Fi soldiers; I took a couple of bases to practice the basics of basing some mini's before my Base Boss 2 ships; I have no idea what this barbarian looking anthromorphic pigs are from, but I love them!!! A couple of neat random pics, I was surprised to see the Xanthar in there, which I have been contemplating getting. The last pic is my favorite figure in the box, I have no idea where it came from, but I really love this Medusa figure. Here is was I put in as replacements........... ....................... ....................... ......................... ....................... ........................ What you thought I was going to tell you, unless you are @Chaoswolf you are just going to have to wait an see when the mighty Box of Goodwill round 13 is activated. 😋
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