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  1. The Bones 5 Kickstarter is what did me in. I honestly did not realize how much "extra" I actually got. It was deceptively a lot, I love the Overgourd, so I can add an extra cheap, and then an extra set of the spooky (witch/knight) set. Who doesn't love dragons, so I add a set of extra dragons. It is innocent enough because it not expensive over the long term and all I really see is the little number change from 3 to 4 in the purchased column. Then the next thing you know everything is ready and you get your shipping notification. My wife gets home from work before I do (my commute is abut 4x the time hers is) and you get this...what the hell is this at the front door!!! I get home and there is one large package (I believed weighing about 24 lbs containing one Pirate Ship and One Ghost Pirate Ship and then the other really large box with one core set, most of the expansion sets (I didn't get two of them...which I now regret) and all the other "extras" and "Power-ups" weight about 58lbs. Just the opening and sorting took over the living room for two weeks ::) Wife was very unhappy, but I was overjoyed and rode the serotonin high for months. I still get really excited when I realize I have a mini that I need for my game that I got from the kickstarter!!!
  2. It is that time of the year....where I sit here at work with the a case of the Reapercon-itis. It seems that the main symptoms are sadness of not being in Denton, Texas at this time, wrist and finger pain/cramps from continuously scroll through multiple social media sites to absorb everything and a constant state of drooling looking at all the awesome paint jobs and fun 😞. If I start now maybe I can convince my better half of making the 1350 mile trip next year!!!! Everybody have a great time and I can't wait to see all the cool postings!!!
  3. I get in major trouble with the extended open pledge manager. I have already picked and "used" my initial pledge, so now every paycheck I login and pick up a power-up or an extra pack or two. It is not a major purchase at the time, but then when all is said and shipped I have to explain to my wife why a 52 pound box of plastic people has arrived at the door. I get the side eye trying to explain that it was only a small purchase every two weeks....for 9 months....and YES!!! I do need all those lighthouses 🙂
  4. Glad that clockwork dragon found a good home!!!! My usual response is “Nope, just a box of little plastic people.”
  5. Thank you....but alas, he is destined to become the King in Yellow none-the-less 🙂
  6. Is it a coincidence that I waited until last night to repack a BOGW to send out and it just so happens that I had a Base Boss 2 KickStarter delivery arrive yesterday afternoon........ I can neither confirm nor deny this information. My hope is to get the "Box o' Happy Dances" to the Federal Courier Organization on my way home after completing my prescribed duties to the residents of my fair City. Here are the pics of what I gleefully removed from the overstuffed container <while doing the required happy dances>. 😄 I think since i learned of and began participating in the Box of Goodwill, this is definitely the least I have looted for a box. Since 90% of my minis are used for TTRPG gaming and having been through 3 Reaper KickStarter shipping (Bones 5, Base Boss 2 and Bones 5.5, but not including Bones 6), I am not sure if I have become more discerning in what I need vs. storage of the "what-if" finds or if this box just had more of a "Not my game style" vibe than other boxes. That being said, I love what I found and I am about to face the worst part of the BOGW experience....Sending the happy dances to the next wonderful person.......and wondering...hmmmm...Box of Goodwill - Round 15!!! 😏 Here is what I have looted: Pic one (the one with pile o' figures) 4 of these were 3d prints. I am not sure, what is supposed to be, but it was like a gnome sitting in a chest, it made me giggle because it gave me "The Gnome tinkerer trying to make his own version of Baba Yaga's flying cauldron. I am going to see if I can make the all black print into a Hastur (The King in Yellow) type figure. The other were some assorted bones I picked out of a couple of "assorted bones" bags. I'm a sucker for Dwarves and liked the look and possible use of the others. Pic two (the other one) I don't know who added the Kobold Press zines, but those really made my day. I love finding older zine like gaming materials. It gives my that really really old school D&D feel (when I was to young to buy my own stuff and would spend hours looking through the Judge's Guild catalog wanting all of the gaming goodness). I really appreciate the smile and warm fuzzies those gave me. I did sneak out the pirate mousling..for reasons...piratical reasons. I am not sure what the figures that are on the sprue are from (they were in a bag with bag with a card deck and some colorful bases, but the minis to be assembled are creepy doll like creatures which will work great as I am putting together an demented/evil toy maker mini-bbeg with killers dolls, stitch golem and other childhood forms of horror as part of an over-all Ravenloft inspired type campaign.
  7. It seems that my BOGW is to arrive on Saturday, with my Base Boss 2 Package arriving on Tuesday 🙂
  8. Address has been sent. Time to get a frosty beverage and stare at the mailbox for awhile!!!
  9. I know that it is probably too early to be asking about this, but any news about ReaperCon 2023 Swag Boxes for those not able to attend this year (AGAIN 😞 😞 😞 😞 ) Please and Thank You!!!
  10. Whose a good boy? <Bandit> "In keeping with my namesake, you will need to handover two Scooby Snacks, One to answer your questions and the second to allow you access to this comfy seating area." 🙂
  11. As the rowdy untamed horde of malcontents begin a chant of "SOON!!! SOON!!! SOON!!!"
  12. He said the sign up ends on May 5th at Midnight (Central Standard Time) 🙂
  13. Yay!!!!!! Centreville, Virginia No International Not a box starter
  14. After a little "real life" delay, the Guindyloo Box is on its way home!!
  15. I have been involved in enough BoW runs, that I now get enjoyment to see other take things from a Box that I am not currently on, but was on the box run on a previous BoW list. That brings a smile to my face 🙂
  16. Guindyloo box arrived on Saturday, I hope to get into it in the next couple of day and send it on its way.
  17. Perfect, my Reaper Order arrives tomorrow and I picked a couple things specifically for the box 🙂
  18. Chaoswolf Just wanted to note that I sent you a message. Thanks 🙂
  19. I was just about to say the same thing 🙂 I just spent way too much 🙂
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