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  1. Here are the items I removed from the @Morihalda box. I still can’t believe how much was in that box. I hope my replacements are a hit with the next ones in line 🙂
  2. The @Morihalda box was released to postal service this morning.
  3. Hey peoples! I sent @LordDave a message. We had a death in the family and I had to take an emergency drive from DC to Alabama. My plan is to get the box back in hands of the U.S. Postal Service tomorrow.👍👍
  4. This is my first time participating in the ole' Box of Goodwill. I just have one small question. @izzylobo How in the heck did you get the box to close. I opened it up last night and it was like a Bag of Holding....I just kept pulling out bag after bag. So much good stuff in here. Difficult decisions will have to be made 🙂 I am hooked on this now 🙂
  5. @Morihalda box has arrived!!! 10/27. can’t wait to dig in!
  6. I was just scrolling the kickstarter forum and ran across this topic. This was before I developed my severe kickstarter addiction problem. I didn't know that this book was originally a kickstarter, I received it as a gift off my Amazon wish list and I love this cookbook. It is one of the best "fandom" cookbooks I have. The theme and artistic look is awesome and I also love the recipes. When we have company, one of my go to recipes is the Albino Penguin Au Vin Blanc. Great Book 🙂
  7. I am excited to get in on this 🙂 Location: Northern Virginia I would rather not ship internationally Not a starter Thank you!!!
  8. Any idea when next wave of Stygian Barges will be shipped? 🙂
  9. I received my shipping notice yesterday about 6pm. My breakdown stats: Wave 1 /with one regular and one glow ship 2 boxes, one is 24 lbs and the other is 30.1lbs What got me in trouble was that the pledge manager was open for so long, that every payday, I would log is and place a smaller "add-on" order from my initial pledge and it all just added up 🙂 Pledge Manager stats: 14 separate orders Price: little over $1,200 Shipping: about $75 Delivery stat estimate: 1 very surprised and cranky wife when 54 pounds of plastic people and accessories arrives
  10. I have almost no knowledge of Brexit shipping issues (other than it sucks). I just have a quick question. Is it easier/better to ship from the US to the EU than from the UK to the EU?
  11. Since I use my minis for gaming, I use smaller plastic tubs, labeled for easy grabbing. I currently have: Terrain: Floor Tiles Scatter Terrain – Tavern Scatter Terrain – Market Scatter Terrain – Dungeon Scatter Terrain - Graveyard To avoid confusion, I keep things like the Arcane Circle, Ruined Temple, (the Stonehenge like terrain), and the Tree of Despair separate in their own container. I have Baba Yaga's Hut, but it is still in the box and I haven't opened it up yet. For figures: I have seven medium sized tubs with a collection of PC minis, labeled by race, four tubs have a mix of figures stored by race (one tub has Halfling, Dragonborn, Aasimar)…etc. I have one tub of for humans, one tub for Dwarfs, and one tub for Elves & ½ Elves. Other “enemy” figures are separated by type: Undead Ocean Beasties Fiends Trolls, Hags & other Swampy figures Humanoid Beasts (more rare types…Bear, Goat, Lizard….one’s I do not have a lot of) Misc. Large figures Misc. Other Enemies (this is a craft sorting tub and contains things I only have one or two figures of for easier searching if I need a quick grab of something) Eldritch Horror Giantkin Goblins Kobolds Abyssal Chickens (I have started collecting the Wizkids Abyssal Chickens from their Avernus Box…for reasons.) NSFW (I put most of my risqué minis here, so the kids and other who would not appreciate them do not stumble across them in a random box) (My son will DM occasionally because he is learning to DM and likes to run a session and then ask for critiques). I do have other tubs, but I do not remember the exact label (I am typing from memory at work). These are all on shelves, with the labels (from a label maker, pushing forward). Most of my huge/large figures are displays on wall shelves or on display racks (most of my eldritch horror figures and a full large tribe of Gnolls). Bones V will completely through a wrench into this organization, as I got one ship and one glow-in-the-dark ship, all of the dragons, most of the expansion packs, core set, multiples of the most of the scenic and other extras from the core set and other goodies J Once I know when my precious’ are supposed to arrive, I am thinking about taking a couple of days off work to receive the shipment and spend my days swimming is mountains of glorious minis…aka Scrooge McDuck style!!! I currently keep my paints in three reaper carry cases (two learn to paint kits and one paint set), but I need to find a better option as I am running out of room.
  12. I've always decided that patience is a virtue....as long as I'm not the one waiting. I was wave 1, but I have 3 out of the 5 items on the wayward container....wasn't Meatloaf that said 3 out of 5 ain't bad (or something like that 🙂 I shall continue with: "Container Watch 2021, the Glowing Undead Pirate Ship Edition". Am i a little frustrated...yes. Am I little preturbed....yes. But if receiving my 600+ Reaper Bones a little late, during a global pandemic is the worst this that happens to me this summer. It is still a pretty damn good summer. My only thing is "REAPER WAREHOUSE MINIONS........HYDRATE!!!!!!"
  13. I expect my cat will not know what to do with herself with a box that big😝
  14. My order is in 1st wave, but I am waiting on the Glowy Pirate Ship container to arrive. So I guess it means that I get to be the 1st too wave bye at the other orders as they ship out 🙂 This is my 1st reaper kickstarter and when I look at what I ordered it didn't seem like too much, but then I removed the items I didn't get from the spreadsheet and added in the extras (duplicates) and I don't know how I am going to make it through the day when my order does ship and my wife comes to the realization that I am going to be receiving 600+ Minis (including one regular pirate ship and one GITD pirate ship.
  15. Thanks everyone!! I will keep a look out for the sign-up thread after the delivery of my official Reaper "The wife is going to be so angry" Box of Goodies arrives 🙂
  16. Hello everyone, I am new to the Reaper Boards.... officially, usually I just lurk looking for updates on new releases and the Kickstarter. I saw this thread and this sounds awesome. How does it work and what do I need to do to join in on the next round? Thank you.
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