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  1. You know I'm in again this year!!! 1. Smallish_Sam (forum name) 2. Forum picture is good! 3. All days of course!!! Thanks for organizing this again this year!!
  2. That's some awesome freehand work on the banners that got turned into cloths for the "first" hill giant!
  3. The gloss varnish on the gem was a great choice! It looks awesome!
  4. The Ducktales cloth was *vital* to the picture! Hahaha
  5. This was my first time painting a bust! Entered it into a local mini painting competition, and I think I am hooked on larger scale minis now!
  6. I followed Rhonda’s guide. This is the second Krampus I’ve painted, and I definitely improved in the 2 years since I last painted him… he was a nice quick paint, but also the first mini I finished (without saying I need to do some more with him) in quite a few months.
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