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  1. I really appreciate all the positive feedback, thank you!
  2. Thanks for the kind words folks. I will admit I like how they came out but it is nice to hear that others like them as well.
  3. I finally got my GW Fell Bats finished. We will be using these as War Bats in our Middle Earth gaming. There are more photos information on my blog if you are curious. https://thegrumpygnome.home.blog/2021/07/24/paying-full-price-or-nearly-anyway/
  4. Hmm. I think I may need to start using an airbrush as well considering the size of this project. I have been hesitant to try airbrush painting.
  5. I would love to see game makers make terrain rules a priority and add basic terrain to starter sets.
  6. It interesting to see how this topic has taken off on the Miniatures Page forum… http://theminiaturespage.com/boards/msg.mv?id=551573 … although my use of “terrain as a third player” has gotten some folks wanting to call the metaphor police for being misleading.
  7. My wife was surprised when in one of our early games of Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game Battle Companies my Dwarves climbed up on some rocky outcroppings for a tactical advantage against numerically superior outlaws. The game rules provide for simple yet effective benefits from holding the high ground in melee. https://thegrumpygnome.home.blog/2020/06/23/a-chance-encounter-with-old-ozzys-outlaws/ The photos on the Battle Report should better illustrate the example. We also use random charts for weather and time of day to affect gameplay. This helps
  8. I tend to use a general purpose craft glue. Something that has a little flex. in it but is stronger than PVA. Being in Germany I use the brand my wife picked out, Universal Bastel-Kleber by Folia. Superglue is strong but brittle, so I avoid it where possible.
  9. This is a Schleich dino that I intend to use for Ghost Archipelago. It is mostly washes over the factory paint work but I did need to paint a few bits to bring out the best in the details, like the eyes in particular. And put it on a base of course.
  10. I have heard this idea expressed before, the idea that terrain is the “third player” or “third army” on a table. But I just read an old comment by Major_Gilbear that really has me thinking… “Most games are like this, and it's often compounded by the fact that most terrain rules are added on to the core rules rather then being an integral part of the game. What's weird to me is that: 1) Terrain (and therefore table set up) is effectively the "third player", but is often treated as an afterthought by many. 2) It's not hard to have 3-4 pages showing example tables with some author's c
  11. Queen Anne’s Revenge, believed to be Edward “Blackbeard” Teach’s flagship is alleged to have had 40 guns, 30 of which have been recovered. These appear to be 6 pounders according to wiki. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Queen_Anne's_Revenge Orlanth has been a great help with his knowledge over on DakkaDakka.
  12. Some cool looking Dwarves… https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/heresylab2/heresylab-black-mountain-clan?ref=recommendation-ended-project-backer-2 I think I might get some treasure hunters.
  13. Very pleased to hear that additional ship cannons will be available. Thank you Reaper staff for responding to customer requests.
  14. Thanks for the kind words folks, the motivation I get from them is much appreciated.
  15. What weight of shot are the included cannon scaled for?
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