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  1. The more I work on these the less I like them. I have seen the peeling issue when trying to clean up mould lines. I have seen bubbles/missing chunks. I have seen print lines. The material is generally pretty soft and bendy but then suddenly a Gnoll flail haft snapped in a surprisingly brittle manner. It is like the worst of several different mediums going on at once. The human figures are mostly too small for me, being generally more 25mm instead of 28mm but I can work with sizes of the other minis. Customer service and communication has been disappointing but at least we finally got our pledges fulfilled. For me, this KS has really put a number of other products into a different perspective and rates as one of my biggest KS disappointments. I am glad we decided not to back the second KS but hope that the company learns from this KS and backers get better products in the future.
  2. We received ours yesterday. Mrs. GG is not as disappointed as I am but we both feel the Human miniatures in general will be too small for us to be happy mixing with our other figures. We are alright with diversity and so use a broad range of figures but there are limits. On first glance many of the Human miniatures look like 25mm scaled figures. And when I measured a dip sample, this proved to be the case. Not 25mm tall, 25mm scaled, ie 25mm from sole of the foot to eye on Human miniatures. 28mm tall from sole to top of the head and that is where the problem is. For us, this may in some cases work for female or juvenile characters to mix with 28mm scale figures. However we were also surprised by the inconsistency of the line. The Goblins, Kobolds and a Dwarf character in particular are surprisingly large compared to the humans. And yet what should be larger creatures, like the troll, ogre, dragon we expected to be bigger. We will need to go through them and decide which we are ok with. I understand I can not complain about the KS as it says “28mm tall” and the confusion was I, like many others it would seem , thought they meant 28mm scale not 28mm tall. And I am well aware of all the debates of true scale versus heroic, whether historical such as Perry versus Warlord Games (I prefer Warlord but concede Perry miniatures are more realistic in proportion and better scale with 1/56 vehicles…. I just like the slightly cartoonish Warlord sculpts and how they scale next to the more easily available 1/50, 1/48 and 1/43 vehicles), Fantasy such as the Games Workshop Middle Earth Line of miniatures not being consistent, the differences in scale of figures within the Wargames Atlantic product line (try kit bashing sci-fi Grognards and their historical WW1/2 French figures), complaints about Archon Studio miniatures and their subsequent decision to make figures larger for their next D&L KS. I get it, making consistent scale is tough and it is subjective. I prefer the size of Oathmark Dwarves to Games Workshop Middle Earth Dwarves, although Mrs. GG initially disagreed. The sculpting and material seems fine, with nice crisp detailing at first glance, even though I felt that they often did not look as good as the original artwork for the KS. And annoyingly, on closer inspection while prepping the Dwarf model today I could see faint print lines which I suppose came from the original model the mold was made with. At this stage we will not be backing the second Next Level miniatures KS and we still feel they have rushed their second KS out too soon without properly benefiting from feedback from backers of the first KS.
  3. Ours has arrived. Mrs. GG and I are pretty satisfied with what we got. It arrived without notification sowas something of a surprise. A much bigger, and heavier package than we realized it would be. In the end, we are glad we backed the KS. But are unsure if we will back the next one.
  4. Mrs. GG and I are still trying to figure out our final pledge plans. We just do not have the finances to buy everything we like so it will be very challenging to decide. And I am worried about sourcing this luxury item from a Chinese factory given the current state of the world.
  5. Mrs. GG and I are still waiting for our pledge to arrive. Getting more feedback from others on how they feel about their pledge would be nice to read.
  6. Everyone has their own financial priorities. Mrs. GG and I used our vacation money for our Wildlands pledge thanks to the Covid lockdowns. We do not have the same situation this time. However we do not smoke, I gave drinking several years ago, I do not have the Dodge Charger or Ford Mustang that I would like to (but then probably just have parked in a garage), we do not go out for fancy meals/movies/clubbing, we do not ski, own a boat anymore, etc etc. So maybe we can scrape together some money for a pledge but nowhere near as much as we would like. We also take into account that one day Little GG will get the benefit of such durable gaming terrain.
  7. We will try to sell some things to raise funds for the KS but our budget is much tighter now than it was when we pledged for Wildlands. I am surprised to see the KS do quite this well and I am happy for the DF staff but yeah, considering High Town in the future… we just do not have the kind of disposable income we wish we had. These new sculpts have the kind of quirky charm we think will go well with our Hagglethorn Hollow and Tabletop World terrain.
  8. Apologies Talae, I had not seen that original thread. How can we merge the threads? KS now live as well, my original post changed to reflect that. 🙂 https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dwarvenforge/cities-untold-lowtown-ttrpg-terrain-by-dwarven-forge/description
  9. I think there has been sufficient complaints to equate to a controversy, if for no other reason than several people seem to disagree about the complaints being valid. And I do not think it is a case of people not paying enough attention. Not all “28mm tall” means the same thing, heroic or true scale, 28mm to the eyes or the top of the head? Look at how some folks have reacted negatively to the size of minis from Archon Studio‘s D&L 3 & 4 Kickstarters and that has resulted in Archon Studio deciding to make figures larger for D&L 5. As whether it may be common or not, I think a mention is one thing, concerted marketing is another… and this particular fulfillment is not common in how it is proceeding with its small test postings. Which also irks me. edit: A scale chart that only shows renders compared to other figures within the KS are not particularly useful to gauge how the final pieces will scale with figures from other manufacturers.
  10. All the controversy about model scale and delayed deliveries and they start promoting the next Kickstarter… it irks me.
  11. To be fair, it is not 350 Dollars for “a few hunks of plastic”. The artistic skill that goes into creating these deserves a bit more respect than that. I will admit to being a big fan of Dwarven Forge terrain and purchased quite a bit of it in the past. It is expensive but it is incredibly durable and well designed. The modularity increases replayability “freshness” and reduces storage demands. If you go with factory prepainted it is an additional expense but it saves you a lot of prep time. The factory paintwork may not be brilliant but it suffices until you can tweak it to your own personal tastes. And lookin at the second hand market prices it appears to retain value should you later decide you no longer require it
  12. The next Kickstarter from Dwarven Forge is now live! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dwarvenforge/cities-untold-lowtown-ttrpg-terrain-by-dwarven-forge/description Lots of very cool modular structures and assorted accessories are anticipated. https://citiesuntold.dwarvenforge.com/?utm_source=Klaviyo&utm_medium=campaign&_kx=QdXBiGtqwnoPD8hDYv8iC9pfQaOczmErcXwhgqP5XY4a2NOq6VNaSGES_jRg8J2b.W4mvB8 The preview photos look to me to have more quirky charm than precious DF buildings. If you are curious, they showed more prototypes and talked about how the Kickstarter will work on Twitch. https://www.twitch.tv/dwarvenforgelive?_kx=QdXBiGtqwnoPD8hDYv8iC9pfQaOczmErcXwhgqP5XY4a2NOq6VNaSGES_jRg8J2b.W4mvB8&utm_medium=campaign&utm_source=Klaviyo
  13. Mrs. GG and I added the Horror add on Fantasy 2 KS and all this drama about unpaid shipping and delayed fulfillment does not fill me with confidence for that KS. 😕
  14. This comes as quite the surprise and I would have liked to have known this before pledging however the less Reaper has to rely on importing from China, the happier I will be.
  15. Yeah, the weapon swap sounds like a good idea.
  16. We got one of the sets from EBay here in Germany… it is what convinced us to back the Fantasy 2 KS. I would put them closer to CMON than Bones Black but still well worth the money. EDIT: After working on some Bones Black pieces today, I would say some of the Fantasy 1 pieces are actually closer to Bones Black than I originally thought.
  17. A bit of thread necromancy🧟‍♂️ but I just can not help myself…. Wondering how this project got on, the creatures of Anyaral are amazing! 👍
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