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  1. Mrs. GG and I are in Germany and still waiting….
  2. Absolutely brilliant job! Truly inspirational. Thank you for taking the time to so thoroughly explain your build process.
  3. Mrs. GG and I backed their Fantasy 2 KS all in (including the gothic horror stuff) because we got their Fantasy 1 set on eBay and were impressed with the minis. So we will likely lose out hundreds of dollars. Sigh.
  4. I just wish Mrs. GG and I could afford all the things I like from this Kickstarter. Maybe I am fortunate enough to be part of the target group… except for not having enough disposable income that is. My feelings about this KS are best summed up with a picture…
  5. Mrs. GG and I have pledged for the Core Set for now, we will wait and see what happens but likely get add-ons in the pledge manager when our budget allows. We NEED that lighthouse!
  6. Adrian Tchaikovsky, a thoroughly brilliant bloke and great source for inspiration. Edit: He is also an excellent role player!
  7. With that in mind I think the scarab-folk could be fun like the bee-folk but it will depend on the sculpts. The sketches are too busy with too many small details in my opinion. I hope they come out a bit more simplified looking in the renders. But really I also have something of a soft spot for merchants on packbeasts so that may be influencing me. Mutated insect-folks may be causing me to adjust my wasteland thoughts for my Twilight 49 project.
  8. I like the Flumph and I do not even play D&D these days. It should work fine as a creature in other settings though, from sci-fi to post-apoc as well as fantasy. And us lawful good types need to stick together these days it seems.
  9. I have been surprised both by how hard it can be to get Reaper Bones KS on eBay.de yet how little folks will pay when we put Reaper Bones KS pieces we do not want on eBay.de. Maybe it is the German market compared to the US and UK markets but for example I have not found the Reaper Bones V Chronoscope set on eBay.com, .uk or .de so far. And yet we got a big Reaper Bones IV bundle, including the Stygian barge (which I have seen only a couple of times on the various different ebay sites) for a remarkably low price second hand. The lighthouse is brilliant and looks like it may push me into asking Mrs. GG to reconsider our pledge goals for this KS. It is competing with our big budgeting for Dwarven Forge Wildlands going to retail scheduled for late May/early June as well as various other smaller projects. The Galladoria KS has already been sidelined for us thanks to these budgeting issues.
  10. I am surprised how much I like the bee-folk. I have no project in mind for them but it is a great example of freshly innovative models coming from a Kickstarter.
  11. Mrs. GG and I will likely not buy that add on precisely because of the over abundance of skulls but we sort of expect skulls on Western European based Gothic architecture pieces (and not just because of Games Workshop) so I did not feel the need to comment on it. Nor did I find the need to comment on the two small skulls in the sand at the base of the Hakir wall. It was the big skull mask sculpted in the wall that was a skull too far for me. It just shattered the illusion for me. Your posts on this are as eloquent as usual… I just disagree with you and I can not articulate that as well as you can. The sculpting itself on the wall is brilliant. A great piece and it helps sell the add-on to me. Turning it around might work for me, it will depend on the table as we will be using it for skirmish gaming not D&D. Otherwise a bit of greenstuff may do the job, although I lack the skills of JG/RR. But for example, it is the skull motifs on the Bones 5 Rune Wights that prevented me from convincing Mrs. GG to buy them and part of the reason for our Maggotcrown guards to end up on eBay. EDIT: Let me be clear, I do not expect “historical accuracy” in fantasy but I do like “coolthentic”. Deciding what is authentic enough to help suspend disbelief in a cool way is difficult and very subjective.
  12. I am all for undead, even mummies. I am just tired of undead with undead symbology on them. It is a bit redundant in my opinion. But to each their own, my yuck may be your yum.
  13. The Desert Dwarf is great, like the earlier Barbarian… however, the terrain less so for me as I am not keen on the skeletal aspect. I loathe that aspect of the GW not-Egyptian fantasy desert faction and I am sorry to see Reaper going down that path as well. And while Inarah is correct that a bit of greenstuff can change it, I would prefer models I do not need greenstuff to fix. Still… I will likely encourage Mrs. GG for us to back this add on.
  14. If you have too many Owlbears… might be time to introduce World of Warcraft Moonkin to your setting…
  15. Thanks… now I really want a gargantuan Gnomish Zepplin. *sad Gnome face*
  16. I did not realize how badly I needed Egyptian themed pieces until I saw the concept sketch of that barbarian. Now I thinking this expansion may be the high point of the KS for me (might still be the ants though) since there does not appear to be any steampunk Gnomes on the way. What this KS is really missing for me is something as epic as the big sailing ship. Mrs. GG was hoping for an epic tavern or a lighthouse. Even though we use a lot of Dwarven Forge and Tabletop World terrain we do like Reaper Bones terrain as well.
  17. Yes, I could. But then I would not be getting the 28m “Them!” sized giant ants that I want.
  18. We have a Queen, we have workers…. Now if only we only get some bigger soldier ants…. I know, greedy! 🐜
  19. You are a better person than me. 👍
  20. There is a certain “bread and butter” aspect to the Core Set, I will admit. But isn’t there always? The ants seem fresh to me but then most folks probably make due with toy ants 🐜
  21. In my opinion the slower KS6 start is not down to the core set sculpts or increasing numbers of 3d printers….it is down to the current state of the world. So many delayed kickstarters, so much uncertainty, so many price increases across the board. Things out of the hands of Reaper. I know I was hoping for a solely US based KS this time and I am in Germany not the US!
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