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  1. In my opinion the slower KS6 start is not down to the core set sculpts or increasing numbers of 3d printers….it is down to the current state of the world. So many delayed kickstarters, so much uncertainty, so many price increases across the board. Things out of the hands of Reaper. I know I was hoping for a solely US based KS this time and I am in Germany not the US!
  2. Still waiting here in Germany… I was hoping for it to arrive before my birthday in mid-April but that was probably optimistic. EDIT: And still waiting for Monster Fight Club‘s Icy Wilds….
  3. Very pleased with the giant ants. Are the Ant Queen's wings going to be cast clear? Some great looking Gnomes on the Core Set… thanks Reaper!
  4. Now see what you have gone and done… you made the Zetan Supreme Leader cry! Ants… giant… ants! Please! The Wasteland of Twilight ’49 needs giant ants of various sizes.
  5. We got ours and are very pleased with the sculpts. I just wish we had had enough money to buy (and to e to paint) all of their earlier sculpts as well.
  6. I am a big fan of slow zombies both in my gaming as well as in the various mediums of fiction. Not that fast zombies (ghouls/feral vampires/whatever) do not have a place… I like them too just for different reasons, for a different atmosphere in a game or movie. What do you think? Which do you prefer? Which game or rules best typifies relentless plodding doom rather than manic frenzy? You can read more of my thoughts on this topic on my blog… https://thegrumpygnome.home.blog/2022/01/07/walking-dead-world-beyond-really-irked-me-warning-rant-with-spoilers/ … but really here I am curious about your ideas on the gaming specifics of zombie post-apoc and how I might best get the gaming experience I want.
  7. Mrs. GG and I recently had a small problem with out Christas order. Reaper Customer Service did an excellent job of resolving it even during the holiday itself. Nicely done and much appreciated. It makes it much easier to recommend Reaper to others. Have a great 2022!
  8. I am all for more Reaper terrain. Sure other companies cover a lot of terrain options but Reaper can bring the visions of different artists to life doing things with more character than just another treasure chest or barrel. The excellent Brinewind terrain in the Bones 5 Kickstarter comes to mind. Sure there are barrels… but there is also so much more. I am so glad we backed Bones 5 and eagerly await Bones 6…. more boats please, especially “Eastern themed”! Discrepancies between HO gauge, N gauge, 1/48, 1/50, 1/56, 28mm, heroic 28mm, 32mm really are frustrating but I do not see a way around having to deal with that. I am constantly surprised by the inconsistent scale of Reaper figures but I tend to find a way to work with it.
  9. Thanks for the kind words folks, it is appreciated. My poor photography skills do no favors for the minis, they look much less glossy in person.
  10. These should make fine thugs for our Frostgrave games, lots of character in the sculpts.
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