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  1. I really like the blue and white color theme you chose. Great work!
  2. It would be nice to be able to order it from the EU hub with the rest of our Christmas order but I guess that is not to be. Thanks for answering.
  3. It is still an interesting book, it would be nice to learn more about the Savage Coast. Does this only ship from the US? I can not find it on the EU site.
  4. Doh! I was clearly confused. Sorry!
  5. And there was much rejoicing! https://www.reapermini.com/search/25012 Edit: Is this available to ship to the EU from the UK or do I need to order it from the US webpage?
  6. Fair points both. It just frustrates the scale modeler in me. The engagement ranges look out of scale to my eye. And as you say, not just this game. Ranges helped ruin Bolt Action for me. And sadly, you will likely spend more time shooting at other humans than monsters if you play the main focus of The Silver Bayonet as currently written.
  7. So it has taken longer than I expected but I have finally written my first impressions of The Silver Bayonet and the miniatures from the pre-order. Bear in mind this is from reading the book and watching folks play on YouTube rather than playing a game myself, so take what I say with a pinch of salt. https://thegrumpygnome.home.blog/2021/11/30/the-silver-bayonet-first-impressions/ TLDR: The game needs more work, it feels unfinished at this point, but the miniatures are brilliant.
  8. Mrs. GG and I do not normally support STL campaigns as we do not have a 3d printer… yet. However we did back Printable Scenery‘s Hagglethorn Hollow as we love the design aesthetics of Johnny Fraser-Allan. So it looks like we will be backing Rise of the Halflings as well. Mrs. GG loves the Halfling forest architecture and I love the Wizardry Steampunk City architecture. We really need to get into 3d printing one day.
  9. That Glitterboy brings back some memories… ah sweet nostalgia!
  10. I definitely want to try some pirate horror gaming at some point.
  11. I am sure you are not the only person who will play the game in 40mm. After watching Ash‘s playthrough, it felt a bit underwhelming for me. Hopefully that is just down to it being the first scenario and things pick up a bit as you go on. Why underwhelming? It did not feel horrific. There was no sense of terror or any kind of atmosphere. I did not get a sense of Napoleonic warfare. I was not immersed. The two action activation with reloading being a single action felt very quick, basically load and shoot every activation. Despite Richard Sharpe so famously going on about shooting three rounds a minute, 1 to 6 rounds a minute for smooth bore muskets was common in the Napoleonic era according to historical sources. The rate of fire depended on quality of weapon, training, and time taken for aiming. General Jomini wrote "This is important question of the influence of musket fire in battles is not new: it dates from the reign of Frederick the Great, and particularly from the battle of Mollwitz, which he gained - it was said - because his infantrymen, by the use of cylindrical rammers in loading their muskets, were able to fire 3 shots per minute more than their enemies." (Before 1730 all European armies used wooden ramrods, the Prussians were the first to adopt the iron ramrod.) The ratio of musket fire was 1-6 shots per minute, depending on quality of weapon, training and time taken for aiming. Marshal Maurice de Saxe wrote: "Light infantry should be able to fire http://www.napolun.com/mirror/napoleonistyka.atspace.com/infantry_tactics_2.htm Then there is the fact it takes longer to reload a rifle than a musket. Is that reflected in the rulebook? Originally I liked the idea of the split activations in the turn but the playthrough did not seem as interesting as I first thought. The return fire or duck for cover rule was interesting but in play it did not look that great. What happens if more than one person shoots at a model? Does it keep getting to move after each shot? Not enough minis to make stacking it crazy I suppose. When I watch Sharp Practice playthroughs I get a sense of Napoleonic skirmishing, albeit with a Hollywood Sharpe lens filter to it, and I er immersed. What I want from the Silver Bayonet is to feel the same but with added supernatural horror.
  12. I am very excited about the newly released game from Osprey, “The Silver Bayonet.” Why so excited? Because I caught a rumor of this a year ago, not long after I started working on my own homebrew game “Tarnished Splendor”. This game runs parallel in setting to my idea but adds a revised version of the Frostgrave/Rangers of Shadow Deepgane mechanics whereas my idea was based on Sharp Practice game mechanics. If you are unfamiliar with the game here is the Information from Osprey… https://ospreypublishing.com/blog/the_silver_bayonet/ Here are some videos about the game, looking at the rule book… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kc3Ne12JGlY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=90NlKm04kIc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vf6gTOSC4tM Here you can find Ash of Guerilla Miniatures Games doing a playthrough… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73KB_ntyT8M And here is a link about my Tarnished Splendor ideas which helps explain why the Silver Bayonet means so much to me. https://thegrumpygnome.home.blog/2021/02/09/tarnished-splendor/
  13. Not just to display your dice… https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dwarvenforge/reliquaries-hand-painted-dice-thrones-from-dwarven-forge?ref=4bbldk … but cool objective marker terrain as well.
  14. Brexit has been a bloody nightmare. It certainly impacted Spiele in Essen.
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