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  1. Poor Greedo. He was taken from us all too soon by that scruffy Corellian nerfherder. May he live long our memories and well painted plastic.
  2. Ugh. Disappointing. That is a real shame.
  3. I do not think I will do this but looking at the video clip again…. I suppose this is an option… https://www.schildschmie.de/shop/20mm-28mm-graffiti-und-kirchenfenster/20mm-28-mm-kirchenfenster/
  4. This is brilliant! Having only recently come across this, is there something similar for Brinewind?
  5. The transparent look of the shield and face is where I have only used Citadel contrast white for a frosted look. The yellow showing through the shield is from the elbow being painted only on the reverse side of the miniature in contrast yellow. I was going for blued armor with gold accents on various pieces, with heraldic colors on the shield. At first I was just going to do random colors on the various sections but at the last minute I changed my mind. The faceplate still does not seem quite right to me but I am unsure what else to do with it. I do not see myself painting a grimacing face like the one in the Young Sherlock clip but that seems the most obvious choice.
  6. Thanks for the kind words. With any luck it will be in retail soon enough.
  7. Cool! Had I seen that before I painted it, I would have followed that color scheme. Pretty neat to see it on screen, as it were, compared to how I pictured it in my head.
  8. Thanks for the kind words folks, they are much appreciated.
  9. So much to love! Great work and once again inspirational.
  10. Brilliant work! Excellent colors, much more dynamic than how I originally pictured it. Nicely done!
  11. I was not originally a fan of this sculpt as I normally prefer low fantasy but as I painted it, it grew on me. Now I think it will do nicely as a medium construct in Frostgrave… which admittedly has been pushing me into more high fantasy territory. The glass was done with Citadel contrast paints. Feedback very welcome.
  12. Following their successful Ragnarok 1 KS, which focused on Norse fatasy figures… https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ragnarokminiatures2/ragnarok-2 I really like the “Orc/Goblin looking” Dark Elves but I think this will a hard sell to Mrs. GG.
  13. Stunning work! Truly inspirational.
  14. Just under 24 hours to go and some new, reassuring photos of their machine and test samples. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/nextlevelminiatures/next-level-miniatures-dragons-hoard-miniatures-vol-1/posts/3309278 Looks like I have convinced Mrs. GG that we should back this.
  15. Thanks, and I hope the review is helpful to folks trying to decide on getting the pieces.
  16. Ah, thanks for that. I noticed there were a few sketches of larger models in the Bones 4 Kickstarter art book that never got made…. any rumor of those coming in Bones 6?
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