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  1. I love DMscotty. Even though i don't roleplay with miniatures and such ( I am RPG gamer and tabletop wargame player but I just don't like Minis and props in my RPG games...Yeah i'm weird like that) but the stuff on his Channel is awesome. I might Build me some 2.5D tiles for some Song of Blades and Heroes Gaming.
  2. Gurps all the Way! i Wish my Players would Love the System as much as I do 😃
  3. My Players have really enjoyed the 3. Edition Hero builder Guide and it has seen heavy use in Almost all of our fantasy campaigns, regardless of system, over the years. We Take the random backgrounds from the PCs and Build our campaign World around that so the PCs are integrated in the World Design. So I was wondering if there is a Book Out there that has more options like an expanded Hero builders Guide or Something like that. It can be any System or system neutral just useable for fantasy settings. Though I wouldn't mind a Sci-fi/modern Version for Future use.
  4. I have been Playing D&D for about 17 years now, so still a noob compared to some of you guys 😉. Even though I didn't Start Gaming with D&D (Living in Germany at the Time there was no Way getting around DSA, the dark eye) I quickly converted to it.And It was those halfpage D&D ads In late 80s-early 90s in Marvel Comics that I was Reading from my fathers Collection that caught my interest in fantasy Gaming in the first place, so I went to this Little geeky gameshop I heard about and the Rest is History. And While I played around with "close to distant relatives" of D&D I seem to always come back to it. Game on everybody, game on.
  5. i am a huge fan of Motu, and also a member on he-man.org, but heck I never knew these existed! The hunt is on now I guess...
  6. I second Song of blades and Heroes. Its a Fun and very Easy System.
  7. The old Mageknight Wereraven was a pretty cool figure back in the day IMO. http://www.dragonmech.de/Mage-Knight/minions/Wereraven-533.html
  8. Mine too! ;). But just think of the (also Disney owned) Marvel Crossovers? Obi-Wan a member of the New avengers? Ahsoka Tano in avengers Academy? Han Solo Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D? Darth vader Leader of the Masters of evil? Oh the Fun we could have ;) But I think i am also one of the few People on the Internet who openly confesses his love for Clone Wars :D
  9. Ok we just finished another Session and my " Player character challenged" Player Lost another Character(this time gored by the gargoyle barbarian).
  10. I started with the Black eye (das Schwarze Auge) before switching over to D&D 2nd E. I played serveral other Systems (WOD, earthdawn, WEG etc. ) before along the way before moving to GURPS wich I still consider my favorite rulesystem. However like MikeD i had a Hard time getting the Lvl gathering crowd behind the System. So I moved to D&D 3.5 then to Castles & Crusades and now back to D&D 3.5 (again with serveral other Systems along the Way.) secretly i am working on a GURPS campaign after we finish Savage Tide. My rule suggestion would be Castles & Crusades. A really simple system and since its just basiclly a slimmer version of the D&D 3.5 its really easy to move on to 3.5 or pathfinder.
  11. Well we just finished the Sea Wyverns wake a few minutes ago and the said player decided on a Druid this time around and actually survived. It seemed the animal companion feature of the druid was good for him because his pet could attack (so he could get that out of his Hack & slash system) and he could stay back supporting the party.
  12. They are actually doing ok without a cleric.However they are pretty decked out in potions and still have a few charges on the "cure wounds staff" they got from the bullywug shaman in "the bullywug gambit". Our Sorcerer is actually way better in staying behind the fighters and has a lot of spells to stop opponents so he can go in and heal the wounded with potions and what not...basically he has become our E.M.H (Emergency Medic Hero)
  13. This was a couple of years ago while playing the old Marvel Faserip rpg. The players weren't the biggest comic book fans but it was never more apparent when they battled there way through a giant ship flying over NYC and got to the command center . There I discribed the man controlling the ship: a man in metallic armor wearing a green tunic with a green cape with a hood. Naturally I thought they knew who stood before them, but all I got where blank stares. So I decided to give them another hint: Me:" How dare you meddle in the affairs of DOOM? You are no match for the might of DOOM?" PC:"And you are...?" But Dr.Doom did kick their behinds for not even knowing who he was. And now they shall never forget the name of Victor van Doom!
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