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  1. I did not. That should be fun. Was also pondering Christmas Island red crabs.
  2. Thanks! Yeah. I need some sort of little photo booth for the minis.
  3. Superb painting and inspiring color choices. Love, love, love!
  4. WIP on the crab man. His name is Claude and his motives are shellfish. I looked at photos of stone crabs for inspiration. I’ve got two more of this model. Might try a blue crab on the next one. Not sure what color scheme did the third.
  5. Thanks. I thought black eyes would be creepiest.
  6. I kinda messed this up with some Uhu cement drool that had too much ink in it, but it should be good for the table. Poisonous troll drool.
  7. Is there a cicada miniature in honor of Brood X? Wisdom save to avoid madness upon hearing the song.
  8. Greetings. My first attempt at layering. I have to admit I wonder if I have the patience to do this for similar figures, but practice makes perfect. I absolutely loved the process of color selection and this sculpt has tons of personality. I’ve decided that she’s the djinn that knows what you need whether you do or not and to refuse such “gifts” is very rude indeed.
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