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  1. I think his best song ever was the one that he sang himself in 1980 called rock and roll dreams come through!! Man actually had a really good voice R.I.P😔
  2. I like how its created in both music and cinematic to be "vaguely" intimidating/terrifying. Which is perfect because as for those who don't know its about Gawain and the Green Knight, based on Arthurian Legend, its more or less a story of fear and upholding bargains no matter how terrifying it may be. So honor is everything. Not here to spoil anything, just here to actually somewhat clarify what's happening so more people might be inclined to watch it if they would like the story.
  3. Beneath Devil's Bridge: A Novel Kindle Edition A compelling, heartrending, complex tale. Beautifully written with great compassion and understanding. A terribly sad story that also shows how much we need to take bullying seriously and act if we witness it.
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