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  1. Hey all, Just started a WFRP campaign and am introducing the players into the art of using minis in their RPG's. While Reaper has a veritable encyclopedia of miniatures, I've found them lacking in one spot. I need a young male (no beard) human Woodsman with a BIG two handed axe. As you can guess, one of my players is a woodsman. He won't stay in leather armor forever, so as long as any miniatures you suggest aren't armored to the teeth, they should be passable. Yes, we get to the meat of this post. I am requesting suggestions for miniatures that would suit my player. Minor modifications can be done, it's just important that this mini look good to begin with. Thanks. I eagerly await any replies. E
  2. The proof of purchase label is on the front lip of the folding top, listing 5 swag points. As for no cards, well, use your swag to get them. Unfortunately, that is what we are all forced to do; either that or pay for them in cash. Yuck! E
  3. Well okay, apparently that was wayyyyy too easy. E
  4. We've got a sprinter. 5'5", no pants. Unkempt...........portly. E
  5. No one should be ashamed of the Muppet Show. It does rock. E
  6. Johnny Mnemonic. Puh-lease! LOL... Guilty pleasure.... yesssssssssss... E
  7. Hey All, Don't know how many picked up on this or have mentioned it before, but here it is. Under the Swiftaxes description, it mentions that they are not as unstable as berserkers... which leads me to hope that we (Dwarves) can expect to have Dwarven Berserkers join our forces in the future (Dwarven Faction Book). Is this true? Can the Brothers and Sisters of Aizen Krahl expect our forces to be strengthened by the Berserker? E
  8. I too cringed while reading about my beloved Dwarf bretheren being slain. Here goes the Monday morning quarterbacking. How much terrain was on the field? Why did you split your forces sending a few off to be slaughtered?!?! Oh sweet Dwarf Heavens, WHY?!?!?!?! lol... Okay, well though it was gut wrenching, better luck next time. E
  9. Dwarves---- They are the first non humans to have caught my eye to the extent that I will spend my money on ALL of them to field an awesome keg crashing force. E
  10. Regarding Lupine Ragers, are there more than one sculpt available? Sounds like a cool demo force to put together. Has a big COOL factor. Lots of wolves running around causing death and destruction. The kids eat it up! E
  11. The book says Dis of 9 and Errata shows no corrections except for point cost. "In death what is there to fear?" E
  12. Now I heard a rumor, don't know if it's true, but it concerns a CCG involving an odd number of rings, more than 3, less than 7 and some legend pertaining to them. Well anyway, the rumor is that the winners of the tournaments (I guess the main tournament) sets the future story line in the whole series. I don't know if that means the book series or what, but that sounds like a cool way for Taltos to affect the happenings in Adon. Hmmmm???? E
  13. If one were to subscribe now, when could one expect to receive their first issue? E
  14. Well that makes more sense. I am looking forward to seeing the Skeleton pirates layout. Does that mean Taltos has firearms? E
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