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  1. 1 hour ago, Inarah said:


    At this point there will be no credits or refunds, except maybe in unusual circumstances.  You've paid what you pledged.  Now is the time when you pick your rewards.  They won't run out of things because every item is being made to order. 


    Based on comments I saw in chat, once you check out you're done.  You can't reopen it and add stuff.  Or remove it. They may "fix" that later, because there was talk of the PM being open until late this year or early '23.  No final date has been set yet. 


    No word on add-ons or extras in the PM, other than a comment by Ron saying that last time they did that much later in the process. 




    There is a comment on KS from ReaperJon that says you can add items after you have checked out.  Also, the refund policy on the KS says they will offer refunds, minus the 10% KS fee.  But that wasn't my question anyway, it was whether I could remove something from my order after checking out, which I assume can not be done.


    I guess I'll wait until things are clearer before checking out, though.

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  2. Is there any advantage to checking out now in the Pledge Manager?  For example, will they run out of things so I can't add them if I don't buy early enough?  I know we can add more later, and I probably won't change my mind about anything I want now, but since this is my first Bones Kickstarter, I'm still a bit unclear on how this works.  Can we remove items after checking out and have credit returned?

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  3. Reaper customer service is the best.  I ordered a miniature that turned out to be missing a piece, and when they sent me a replacement, this fellow was added to the box too.


    It reminded me, though, that he never showed up during the Bones 6 Kickstarter despite being one of the earliest previews.  I wonder where he is, and whether he will show up in the Pledge Manager as an add-on.  He looks fantastic, so I hope he shows up with a bunch of his friends.  (And goblins always bring friends, right?)20220603_203938.thumb.jpg.d2ddb54bfa83d43d5125b4626a6e8ff5.jpg

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  4. 7 hours ago, Blip said:

    Well, I can't be the only one who has spent far too long surveying my options in the pledge manager. So what figures have grown on you the most since the end of the Kickstarter?


    Personally, it's the little shaman guy from the Waspnettle Lizardmen set. I kind of overlooked him at first, blending in with the others who have a more standard human build, but he has a ton of personality. He's got that kooky Yoda-like quality where you can't tell at first if he's incredibly wise or incredibly senile.

    That lizardman shaman is great.  The shamans with the firenewts and the Rotstump goblins are pretty good too, actually.  A good Kickstarter for shamans, I guess.


    What is growing on me, though, is the large terrain from Sullenhall.  At first I wasn't going to get the expansion because I had no need for the shrine or the crypt, then I thought about buying the expansion but selling those two big pieces, then I thought maybe I would just keep them.  Now, though, I fear I am rapidly moving towards "maybe I'll paint those first."  The worst part is I don't even know why.

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  5. 1 hour ago, Lidless Eye said:

    I'm just going to say, I find Tonk much more what I'd expect of a Bugbearess than her only other female kin in the line, poor Ferrunk doesn't get enough to eat

    Ferrunk has internalized misogynistic standards of bugbear beauty.  Sad, really.  But despite that, I like that miniature a lot.  Her facial expression clearly says she doesn't put up with sexist crap, and her mace says the same.


    And those comics about lizardwomen (is that the right term?) are fantastic.

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  6. 3 hours ago, Brother Jim said:

    As someone who really wants more Reaper Bugbears I NEED to point out there's only been 3 sets of them.

    1] The initial singular Bugbear.

    2] The set of 3.

    3] And the set from Bones 6.


    And we still don't have any with missile weapons, not even slings or javelins.


    But I understand that not everyone feels that way.

    The Reaper retail site has five bugbears in plastic, and nine different ones in metal; only one of the sculpts is available in both materials, though.  (And that isn't even counting the "classic" version with a pumpkin for a head!)  Maybe one of the Bones bugbears was not released through a Kickstarter.  I had not noticed the lack of missile weapons, though; that is odd and unfortunate.


    Also, I just want to add that, while I love all the bugbears, for some reason I do not understand I love the pumpkin-headed one the best.

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  7. 7 hours ago, Cyradis said:

    I'm surprised by not bringing out more showstopper type figures in favor of bread and butter ones, but the showstoppers probably don't do as well post-KS. It would have been more tempting for me with shiny dragons. Because.... dragons. 

    Maybe they should try to have more sets that combine shiny dragons (or other flashy Kickstarter models that don't sell well in retail) with mundane creatures.  Put a dragon against a party of adventurers, call the dragon a Kickstarter exclusive, then just sell the adventurers that bring in retail dollars.  Have a dragon with kobold hirelings.  Make a Cthulhu mythos monster surrounded by zombies.  In each case, the flashy thing drives Kickstarter pledges that pay for molds for the future retail product, and by making at least some of the big things KS exclusive, it removes the expectation that they need to bring the big things to the store.  Just an idea; I have no particular expertise in marketing.

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  8. 11 hours ago, Carnacki the Ghost Finder said:

    Also, there were no cool left-field surprises here, like a froghemoth or Baba Yaga's hut or some wild Lovecraft monster like Cthulhu from the first Bones.  That was a mind-blower of a reveal.

    I feel like there were some surprises, like the beefolk and honeythorn lancer, the scarabfolk, and the werehippo.  Both the ants and the mongrelfolk felt surprising at the time, as did the giant crayfish, though in retrospect these are fairly conventional monsters that are not often produced as miniatures.  What was missing was not surprises but BIG surprises.  In general, Reaper went smaller this time around, which I suspect has a lot to do with production capabilities and issues.

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  9. I just had a thought.  What if Reaper deliberately tried to keep the Kickstarter numbers lower, fully intending to release a bunch of other things in the Pledge Manager to get the total amount to the same level?  Instead of raising, say, $2.5 million in Kickstarter and another $1 million added on during the Pledge Manager phase, they are planning to add a lot of additional stuff in the PM and see more money added there?  $1.8M in KS + $1.7M in the PM is better for them than $2.5M in KS plus $1M in PM, because they lose less money to Kickstarter's fees.  It's (slightly) higher risk because they won't see all of the PM money up front, but in the long run they make more money.


    Probably a bit too conspiracy-theory-ish there, but it makes a certain logical sense from a certain perspective (as conspiracy theories often do!).

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  10. 7 hours ago, Minsky07 said:

    Wondering if people wanting the Chronoscope kickstarter also have realistic expectations. If it a lot smaller compared to fantasy numbers, the costs or\and number of figures in expansions might differ quite a bit. Especially considering that Chronoscope fanbase seem to be a lot more divided and less likely to purchase expansions out of their interest. Cthulhu\horror, SF and steampunk and modern seem a lot more person specific than subgenres of fantasy.

    This is exactly the issue that makes a Bones Chronoscope Kickstarter tricky.  Maybe if they had several "core" sets separated by theme (horror, cyberpunk, modern, for example), there would be enough buyers to cover costs of production.  Or, even better, skip core sets entirely and make them all encounter-based.  Start at 8-10 miniatures for $20 in each set, then add a few as stretch goals are reached.  Try for add-ons that would be useful across genres, or at least that will sell really well for one genre.  It won't be a multi-million dollar Kickstarter, but I think there are a few hundred thousand dollars out there for Chronoscope.

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  11. It amazes me when people say here that they don't see anything they want.  I suppose if you already have thousands of miniatures, the offerings may almost all be duplicates, but if that is the case and you don't want duplicates, why would you expect to find anything?  If you think these minis are not good value, then you are probably asking too much; yes, the price per figure is not quite as good as it has been before, but costs and uncertainty have gone up, and the value is still very good despite that.  If you think the quality of the sculpts is not good enough, your standards are just too high.  Sure, there are going to be things you don't like.  There are plenty of things here I don't particularly like, but there are so many other options too.  I just don't understand the "none of these are worth buying" crowd.  At all.

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  12. How many sets did they add through the Pledge Manager last time?  I figure they will release more Legendary Tales that way, especially if they have already paid for the sculpts.  I'm still hoping for the Deep Ones.

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  13. This is really helpful, especially the specific sizes of the boxes.  I looked up Really Useful Boxes after your post in the Kickstarter thread, and I was a little lost sorting through all the size options.  I appreciate having some specifics.  Also, the magnets and metal bases is really clever.


    As for what I do, I have no system.  I have a few old cardboard miniature boxes with foam inserts, and I have a few other boxes in which I have added foam for padding.  With my collection at *only* a few hundred miniatures, I can do this sort of ad hoc storage, but as I get more (including a few hundred from the Bones 6 Kickstarter in 18 months or so), I really need a better system.  I would love to hear from others, though, before settling on anything specific.

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  14. 52 minutes ago, kristof65 said:

    Plus, you have 18-24 months to get to that level. :poke:

    More than that, if I don't paint this set first!  Probably well over two years.  I also have to overcome the problem of a lack of artistic talent.  I'll figure it out.

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  15. 6 hours ago, kristof65 said:

    I was wondering the same thing - in fact, I'm hoping that the hole is sized for the standard 1"RPG base, which would make the carpet compatible with a large portion of my miniature colleciton. 

    As for leaving an "unsightly circle", incorporating the circle into the design on the rug could minimize that:

    I love this idea in principle.  There is just one problem: I am not even remotely close to being a good enough artist to pull that off.  I can mostly paint within the lines, I just can't draw the lines myself, so anything fancier than solid colors is a stretch for me. 


    EDIT: I forgot to add that they announced that it would be a standard 1" base.  You can see that bit of information (with the pictures) here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/reaperbones5/bones-6-tales-from-the-green-griffin/posts/3492700.

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  16. 3 hours ago, Chaoswolf said:

    A little green stuff (or your gap filler of choice), and you're all set for diorama use, too.

    I wonder if one could paint one of the 1" bases the same as the carpet, and use that to fill the gap when nobody is standing on it.  It would probably still leave an unsightly circle, but at least it would be removable.

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  17. 4 hours ago, Inarah said:

    I added up the number of individual figures/paints and it came to about 1.35 per item, including the lighthouse.  Compare that to what you'd normally spend. 


    Divided by 24 months, for me it came out to about $12.50 in spending a month, which is cheaper than any trip to the hobby store ever costs.  🙂


    This is an excellent argument that rests on the highly dubious assumption that I will not still make trips to the hobby store, or buy other minis.


    3 hours ago, Pangolin d'AntEater said:

    Surely that is a complete oxymoron? or maybe a chimera..


    Oh, I absolutely agree that there is no such thing as too many miniatures.  My wife, however has different ideas about that...


    1 hour ago, Rob Dean said:


    So, taking the comment about too many miniatures practically, there are at least four realistic objections that I can see:


    1) Too many miniatures in the sense of “cost too much”; family budget issues are always a fraught topic, and, personally, I’d think the best approach would be for each partner to have an allowance or spending limit for personal expenditures below which it would be agreed that no questions would be asked nor recriminations hurled.  If you are currently above that level, well, that’s definitely a problem…but, as @Inarah points out, the per miniature cost on a Reaper Kickstarter is very favorable.


    2) Too many miniatures in the sense of “no time to paint”; there’s certainly a potentially valid objection if the intention is to paint them up and the painting speed vis-a-vis time available vis-a-vis number of miniatures comes up with an answer measured in an unreasonable number of years (measured on an appropriate sliding sclae…my actuarial remaining life span is probably ~25 years, for example, so a 50 year supply of minis might reasonably be argued to be “too many”).


    3) Too many miniatures in the sense of “won’t get used in a game”; that’s harder to measure, because games change.  My largest games ordinarily use something in the hundreds of miniatures per side, and one might reasonably want more than two forces available.  If you are doing RPGs rather than batle-scale miniatures, those numbers might reasonably be expected to be somewhat smaller.


    4) Too many miniatures in the sense of “running out of storage space”; I’ve posted pictures of my basement storage area; it’s practically full, and it’s not unreasonable of my wife to want to be able to move around the house without tripping over my stuff (nor do I want my stuff to get stepped on…). That’s also a sliding scale; if I moved to someplace with a smaller basement, or if, like my son, I was limited to a smallish closet, there would be a much lower upper limit on what I could reasonably store.  As I paint, by the way, the painted miniatures are stored in boxes with a fair amount of void volume, so a pile of miniatures grows in storage volume as it is worked through.


    For reference, here are some basement pictures: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/97576-randomness-xviii-ex-vee-triple-eye/&do=findComment&comment=2066574



    Different emphases on the original objection would tend to require different responses.  



    For the record, it was an offhanded comment, not a major objection.  I am a long ways from ruining my marriage here.  (Though if she forced me to choose between her and the minis...)  These are excellent points, though.  My wife is not into miniatures or RPGs or related areas at all, all part of our marriage that works despite a lack of common interests.  Fortunately, I can afford this hobby without any real budget concerns; this was not true, say, ten years ago, which is part of the reason why I only took up this hobby again recently.  Whether I get them painted or actually use them in a game are non-issues as long as I can work out #4: storage.  She hates clutter, and she invariably sees miniatures as clutter.  I do need to work out storage solutions, though, as my miniatures currently don't really fit in the containers I have for them.  If I can solve that problem, my big Bones 6 order should cause no real marital difficulties.  Your storage system looks really good, though; I think I need to abandon my efforts to create low-budget storage and just buy nicer plastic boxes for the figures.

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  18. 36 minutes ago, Star in VA said:

    I pledged enough to get the Core Set and all the Expansions with the Anniversary Dragon, the Lighthouse and the Owlbear set. 


    I know that my problem will be how long the pledge manager stays open.  It will be the same problem I had with Bones 5.  I've bought all the big stuff and it is payday and i will just get a Phoenix Egg set and some Ants.  It's only a couple extra bucks.....next payday....I'm just going to get some Bugbears and an extra set of Lancers......6 months and 12 paychecks later, I have a 65 pound box of little plastic people show up and my door and I try explaining to my wife....honestly I only bought a few things, while holding 3 lighthouses and large army of gnolls.


    I think I might have a problem 🙂

    There are much worse problems to have.


    I'm glad I have some time to think about how to explain the sheer volume of miniatures that will be arriving in 18-24 months.  She already thinks I have too many miniatures...

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  19. Since I don't have a huge pile of miniatures (a few hundred I would guess, but I haven't counted), I do have disposable income, and I love to paint minis, maybe I am part of the target audience?  I'm not sure.  I do like most of what I see, and I have the added bonus that shipping costs should not be too bad (even if Texas were to secede from the U.S., I would still be in the same country, just a couple hundred miles down the road from Reaper).  I plan to get the core set and four expansions (Hakir just doesn't offer enough that I would actually use in a game to make it worth the $50).  I'll get more than a few extras too.  I have no idea how I will paint that anniversary dragon since I have never painted anything like it before, but I'll find some way.  Then I need to devise a way to get him on the table, to the chagrin of the PCs...

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  20. 27 minutes ago, Sirithiliel said:

    but if you aren't getting the core, and you aren't interested in the expansions, then the KS does not have much to offer you right now, which wasn't the case in previous kickstarters. Other bones kickstarters had a lot more add ons / add on variety than this one, or at least it feels that way


    and if i dont' want the core because i don't want more generic monsters', then i'm not going to be interested in generic monster add ons, which is most of what we've gotten haha


    i'm just really hoping for some cool add ons in the last hours, not MORE expansions and MORE core unlocks and MORE generic monster add ons


    This comment sent me to look at the Bones 5 Kickstarter page and do some quick math.  If someone bought all the add-ons from Bones 5, excluding the extra core set pieces, and did not buy either core set or expansions, they would have spent $592.  That number for this kickstarter is $268 so far.  Leave out the paints (and the learn-to-paint kit last time), and the numbers are $516 vs. $232.  I suspect the reduced options are an effort to simplify shipping headaches, but it may have cost a lot of pledges to buy that streamlining.


    EDIT: I forgot to mention that I absolutely agree that we need some cool add-ons in the little time remaining, both to drive up pledge numbers and because I just want to buy more.

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  21. 15 minutes ago, MicroDM said:

    I'm probably not going to throw more money into the pledge manager than what I pledged during the KS. 

    I wonder how many people have said this, then ended up spending a bunch more money by the time the Pledge Manager closes?

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  22. 23 minutes ago, TaleSpinner said:

    Yep!  It is the one I sculpted during RVE.  Ron called me asking if it was still available, saying the he couldn't believe they were doing this. LOL.  Pics:

    (Ignore the clear flight stand; that is just what I had; I don't know what reaper will use.)





    The Giant Lizard is mine as well, commissioned by Ron before Christmas.  I had fun with that one (base is 50mm):


    So that's two of my 6 that have been revealed so far.  Here's crossing my fingers that the rest make it too. 


    I hope you like them.



    I can't speak for others, but they look fantastic to me.  A giant lizard was not at the very top of my wish list, but it was in my top ten.  A flumph is something I did not know I wanted, but I am honestly excited to get anything that has been around since 1st edition AD&D.  I like my monsters old-school and a little weird, and a flumph fits that description perfectly.

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