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  1. I think the best way to do it would be to plan on a fan favorites set from the beginning, to be unlocked at some large number ($2 million, 12K backers, or something like that). Announce this when first announcing the information for Bones 7, and announce that a forum is set up (maybe here, maybe somewhere else, maybe a few places) to suggest ideas, with a deadline. This has the added bonus of creating a forum to get people talking, generating hype before the Kickstarter even opens. After the deadline, take the most popular ideas, as well as the best ones, dropping any that just aren't feasible, and put together a big survey. The survey could ask people to rate each idea, and a link could be sent out to every backer from Bones 6, plus anyone who chooses to opt in. You could put a hundred or more suggestions there, and I bet quite a few people would take the survey; the top scorers get added to the fan favorites set until Reaper decides the set is full. Then announce maybe two or three items when the Kickstarter opens, and another one every few days. If the Kickstarter doesn't bring in a ton of money, the set doesn't happen at all. Any good ideas that emerge during the Kickstarter get added somewhere else, or saved for the next one. And everyone still gets that "maybe my idea will be added" anticipation.
  2. This is how I have been feeling too. It might have something to do with me not having a big pile of unpainted plastic at the start of this because I am relatively new to collecting and painting miniatures. On the other hand I do have hundreds of old and new metal minis, between a bunch of inherited ones that I used as a kid and a bunch I have purchased over the last year, more than a few still unpainted. Also, I do now have a pile of plastic minis, the Bones 5 core set freshly purchased from Ebay (I couldn't resist, and it will be a long wait for Bones 6 to ship!), and that did not dampen my enthusiasm even a little. So I will be buying most of the things, including a lighthouse I really don't need, some gnolls that are just too good to pass by despite how many I already have, and a really big dragon that I don't have the faintest idea what I am going to do with him. The bottom line is that almost all of these minis are really, really good, and the value is fantastic.
  3. Yeah, I only wanted to see a lighthouse because I expected it to drive pledges; I never intended to get one. But based on the concept art, and considering the lower-than-expected price, I want one.
  4. I would buy that in a heartbeat. I might buy two.
  5. I am kind of indifferent to the figure, but I absolutely love the term "Notyugh."
  6. I was trying to think of everything that has been teased but not officially shown in the Kickstarter yet. When I started making a list, it occurred to me that there is A LOT of stuff that we have seen that has not yet appeared to be unlocked. (I'm only counting full pictures and concept art, no vague comments or little partial pictures.) Here's what I can think of, in no particular order, along with where they said it would appear, if anywhere: Giant Crayfish (Denizens of the Dungeon) Two Wyverns (Denizens) Yeti (Denizens) Wadjet (Lost Tombs of Hakir) Immolating Effigy (Hakir) Desert Dwarf (Hakir) Pehti-Mau, Barbarian (Hakir) Skeletal Hounds (Denizens?) Stirges One lonely Goblin (I would expect there are more) Imp (shown early with the red panda and mini-griffin) Storm Giant Queen Gargoyle (technically a partial picture, with Sir Forscale) Three Pigman Butchers Deep One on Throne Salamanders Crystal Egg on giant hand Otyugh (just shown in the latest update) What am I missing? And can we expect to get to all of these? Or will Reaper release them anyway, since they have already been designed?
  7. I fully intend to get the core set. I can understand those who don't want it because they already have similar miniatures in their collections, but anyone who says it just isn't very good or isn't a good value just looks crazy to me. There are plenty of things in there I don't really want or need, but more than enough that I do. Did you miss the owlbears? This time's encounters are renamed "Legendary Tales," which is not exactly an improvement in naming. But we do have one encounter set, and we will see if we actually get any more. I think we will, though I don't know what they are waiting for.
  8. That's true, this is not the appropriate spot. I really did not think that through. I will try to avoid being such an idiot in the future...
  9. The more I look at the Bones 5 miniatures (I can't help but compare, this being my first Bones Kickstarter), the more I want that Bones 5 Core Set. It looks like it is a little over $200 on Ebay, but it seems that it has generally sold for a little under that. Anybody have any idea what would be a good price to look for? It would clearly still be a bargain for $250 compared to retail price, but I will probably spend $500+ on Bones 6, so I don't want to overpay if I can help it.
  10. This is my first Bones Kickstarter, as I just picked up the hobby of painting miniatures a little over a year ago (after having done a bit of painting a few decades ago). I have a decent collection of several hundred miniatures, mostly metal. I was excited to jump in, but when everything slowed down a few days in, I started looking at the old Kickstarters. I think, from my "research," that nothing here is quite as exciting as the other ones were, and I think this was intentional. The whole thing seems to have been built for a slow start: no really big models in the initial core set, expansions that were not even remotely worth the price tag until at least three or four parts were unlocked, add-ons that were well-done but hardly unique (more gnolls and orcs are nice, but they don't exactly generate a ton of enthusiasm), slightly higher prices. I'm still excited, but I can tell how much more exciting Bones 5 would have been. So much so that I have been thinking about buying the Bones 5 core set on Ebay and reducing my pledge for Bones 6. The downside is that it is available for about $250 with shipping, twice as much as the Bones 6 core set, but on the other hand the wait time is a lot shorter...
  11. It is probably because we have only seen one encounter set so far. I get the idea of not revealing too much too quickly, but it sure seems like there should be at least a second one available by now, since they seem to have five or six to offer.
  12. Maybe they are all dwarf women, but with beards.
  13. Anyone else think they should throw in a free Sir Forscale miniature with the big dragon? You know, so the dragon has a snack somebody to fight.
  14. I didn't realize it either until I looked very closely. They should have done at least two females out of the five, though, given that every single bugbear in Reaper's Bones line, and every bugbear except one in metal, is male. These bugbears look a lot like some of the other options anyway; at least females would have added a bit of useful diversity here. Will I still buy the set of bugbears? Oh, probably.
  15. I know that I am in the minority on this, but Lost Tombs of Hakir is by far my least favorite expansion. There just isn't anything there I am likely to use, apart from the scorpions (and maybe the crocodile). I could build an adventure around the terrain, but its reusability is really limited. I mean, it's great that others love it, it's just not for me. Now Denizens of the Dungeon, on the other hand, is exactly what I am looking for. So I guess Reaper knows what they are doing after all. Along with Lardgulp and the dragon, I think this was legitimately a big set of reveals, as promised.
  16. I found one prior catoblepas mini (http://www.miniatures-workshop.com/lostminiswiki/index.php?title=Image:Rp-11-422a.jpg). I suspect Reaper's might have been the second one ever, though.
  17. I had never noticed them either. But now I am trying to figure out why the "Khamsin sorcerer" (https://www.reapermini.com/search/khamsin/latest/14350) is also one of the "Khamsin Herdsmen" (https://www.reapermini.com/search/khamsin/latest/06141). Maybe the sorcerers generally do the herding. Hmm...
  18. Being new here, I am excited to be the core audience! That said, Reaper seems to be trying to have it both ways here. A lot of the core set is stranger stuff that is not super useful for a new-ish DM trying to build up a basic figure collection. The core set is not all that great as an introductory set of miniatures. Note, for example, the lack of basic monsters (orcs, goblins, kobolds, ogres, skeletons, rats, spiders, etc.) that are encountered frequently by low-level parties. Imagine if you were building a new campaign for inexperienced players, and you only had the core set to work with; it would be a challenge, to say the least, and probably a very zombie-heavy campaign. On the other hand, there are just enough basic figures (adventurers, zombies, city guards, a surprising number of wizards) in there to potentially drive away long-time backers who are looking for something different, but not enough for the new collector. Reaper has made the core less than ideal for just about everybody. I suggested earlier that maybe there should be multiple core sets, but after much contemplation I have a different idea. Have a core set that is just new and exotic creatures, perhaps selling for a little less than the $125, but also have a basic set available from the beginning that is more of a "starter" set: orcs, goblins, adventurers, basic undead, rats, spiders, etc. That starter set could even include figures already in Reaper's catalog. The idea would be to offer an option for first-time backers who need a lot of basic miniatures, while still making the core set appealing to everybody. Maybe some of those first-time backers will pass on the core set and focus on more pressing needs, but I suspect most would buy the core set and the starter set. After all, the stretch goals would mostly add to the core set, as the starter set could stay pretty much fixed. Maybe these ideas are crazy. Maybe I've been spending too much time thinking about and analyzing this Kickstarter. (It's my first one, and it is kind of exciting and frustrating all at once, so I can't help it!) But I think it is an idea worth considering, especially since the early Bones Kickstarters were so good for filling out a basic starter collection.
  19. I can't decide if I want Denizens of the Dungeon to be a bunch of monsters with no terrain, or if I want them to put in a bunch of dungeon terrain. The monsters are more useful, but I do love painting terrain, especially treasure. Mostly, though, I just want to see more of what is in it. Not just the occasional tease.
  20. The kuo-toa do not come to the surface, though, while Deep Ones might well be among us... In the old 1st edition sourcebooks, Deep Ones are their own thing, appearing in Deities and Demigods. Kuo toa do not quite line up, probably for reasons of copyright, but they are more similar than sahuagin or locathah. Also, I'm really looking forward to some Deep Ones miniatures. I've been meaning to buy some of the existing ones from Reaper anyway, but I'll wait to see what I can get here.
  21. I didn't think of the deep ones as kuo-toa, but you are right on that. They really do have quite a few Fiend Folio monsters in this Kickstarter. I'm hoping for bullywugs, but they haven't shown us anything yet that clearly indicates that. We will see.
  22. If that's the case, I can't complain; I'd love to see (after paging through the old Fiend Folio...) some aarakocra, some bullywugs, drow, an ettercap, an iron cobra, some jermlaines, kuo-toa, a necrophidius, norkers, osquips, a penanggalan, screaming devilkin, skulks, volts, or xvarts. There are lots more creatures (including some rather silly ones, like adherers) to get through without turning to flumphs. That said, I'm on board for some flumphs too. Also, the Fiend Folio, despite a few ridiculous entries, is actually packed with great monsters.
  23. Dragonite is definitely a light orange. Charizard is a somewhat darker orange, though the coloration is not all that different. I really wish I didn't know that, or that I had no idea what we are talking about, but I have kids and here we are.
  24. At first I heard about the owlbear encounter, and I was unenthusiastic. Then I saw the contents, with the baby owlbears and the owlbear statue, and I wanted it. Then I thought it over, realized that the only items in the encounter that are at all useful beyond the very specific situation that the encounter describes are the adult owlbear and the dwarf, and I already have five owlbears in my collection. I get that the encounters are supposed to be specific and cohesive, but I am going to stick to those that contain several miniatures I might use more than once. Or maybe I won't. Those owlbear cubs are awfully cute, after all.
  25. Absolutely, and I fully understand this sentiment. The more miniatures you get, the more selective you want to be in what you add. I am honestly a little skeptical about all of this, because I generally prefer painting metal miniatures, but I decided to go all in to get a lot more miniatures for gaming without spending an absolute fortune. It turns out this Bones Kickstarter is exactly what I want in terms of miniatures at this point, but that is not true for everyone, and especially not for people who have been buying massive quantities of miniatures from the other Bones Kickstarters.
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