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  1. I second this reaction. There is always need for more minis. Maybe I will feel differently as my collection grows (I took up painting as a hobby fairly recently, and my collection can still be counted using only three digits), but I can't even imagine expressing such a sentiment as "I don't need more miniatures." It really is a terrible thought.
  2. A Gnomish Zeppelin would be amazing, even if it wasn't gargantuan. Even a One-Gnome Blimp would be great, especially if the basket could hold any figure rather than just having the pilot be part of the sculpt.
  3. They should include bonus miniatures for early pledges, but those bonuses should be extra copies of something already in the core set. That way it is a bonus, but it is not exclusive. And there is always something in the core set that one could use two of. This time around, for example, they could make it the bog shambler for pledging in the first week, plus an extra elven cat (or maybe rageclaw warrior) for anyone who has pledged by the end of week 2 (including those who already earned the bog shambler). And reserve those bonuses for people pledging at least the core set value, and they only keep them if their final pledge is at least at that level.
  4. Maybe next time they should leave adventurers out of the core set (or maybe keep a few, mostly unusual races/classes), but have an expansion of, say 40 adventurers for $50? That way anyone building a collection can get a nice value, and anyone with plenty of adventurers can skip them.
  5. I suspect the reason that almost all dragon miniatures have four legs with their wings is because Dungeons and Dragons dragons have four legs plus the wings. And D&D has always tended to dominate the miniatures market.
  6. Oh, I'm already in for almost $400; I was just curious. If I'm buying individual miniatures, I tend to prefer metal anyway. I was just curious, this being my first time through this and all.
  7. I have a quick question for those who have been around the Reaper Kickstarter block before. After the miniatures ship, do they tend to flood into eBay or other places on the secondary market? Do many people buy extra sets to resell them in pieces? This is mostly academic curiosity, as I doubt I will want to part with any miniatures once I have them in my hand, though I am curious about whether it is easy to get these figures secondhand before they get released for retail.
  8. I'd like to see more silhouettes, more concept art, and more names without pictures (like the encounter sets). Give us something to talk about without revealing everything! Hints, blurry images, whatever to keep the conversation on the miniatures rather than the pace of pledges.
  9. This is what I have been thinking all along. It's not a question of whether these sets are a good deal; they are all very good deals compared to retail value. The question is how much value they have for the buyer. I see a lot of things I don't really need and would not buy individually, so I actually made a list of what I would be willing to pay for each revealed figure. I'm buying any set where the cost is lower than what I would spend individually. So far, that is the core (assuming we unlock the Driftlurker, my favorite sculpt revealed so far), two expansion sets, and two of the add-on options (plus the not-yet-unlocked dragon). And all of that is despite literally dozens of miniatures I don't really want; I look at those as a free bonus.
  10. I'm pretty new here, this being my first Bones Kickstarter, and only painting miniatures for about a year now (unless you count a little painting in my youth, a quarter-century ago), so maybe chalk this idea up to a lack of experience. But I have been wondering the last few days why Reaper bothers to include a core set at all? Why not have, say, 8-10 $50 sets, and require every backer to choose at least one (though they can buy as many of them as they want, or all of them, of course)? They could have several sets with basic figures (orcs/goblins/other humanoids, skeletons/zombies, PC figures, common monsters, etc.) for those who are newer to this and don't have dozens of figures like those at home already. They could have others that are much more specific (faerie creatures, Egypt, Greece, underwater, etc.), and they could have a set that consists only of strange stuff that is unlike other miniatures out there. Newbies can collect lots of basic minis without the old-timers complaining about how many zombies they already have, and the people with the big collections already can focus on the stuff they don't have. There could even be specialized collections: all-chibi (I really don't get the draw of those, honestly, but to each their own...), science fiction, cyberpunk, zombie apocalypse, modern, whatever. Throw it all in together so everyone helps unlock everything. Maybe even have a small set of promotional miniatures that everybody gets (from social media promos, number of backers, whatever). Maybe I am failing to realize something here, but I can see no reason that approach would not work. And by keeping it all in the same Kickstarter, it keeps the community together, despite our differences. Just a thought I wanted to share. I've been thinking way too much about this Kickstarter the last few days, when I should be working like a responsible adult.
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