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  1. Thanks everyone for the reactions and suggestions! I think I need to watch some more videos on blending and dry brushing as both concepts have been difficult for me to grasp/implement. @Glitterwolf, the wash shading. Outside the hair and a little bit the chainmail it all just seemed to run off the mini.
  2. The finished version of the mini WiP I was sharing earlier today. I tried to use washes and played with basing this time around. Any suggestions would be great as I don't feel as proud for this one as I did the Dark Chronicler Astrid I did back on May.
  3. Updates: The legs are a bit boring to me and while I wasn't attempting to go for the level of detail found in Darksword's example piece I feel like I failed somewhere.
  4. Work in progress for my next fighter Rika Bridgeman. She is a former Barmaid/orphan who became an adventurer after a party of Adventurers burned down her tavern instead of paying their tab. Using primarily Reaper paints but will be trying some Army Painter washes during final part. While still base I am a little concerned for the cape as it is coming out really watery ...
  5. I ordered a 3d printed model with a scenery base (skulls, rocks, broken weapons). The mini and base came but they weren't together. I figured out the kind of glue I need but can't seem to find anything on WHEN I should attach the base. Should I attach then paint/seal or should I paint/seal both pieces than attach?
  6. Thanks everyone! It's truly exciting to actually finally start doing this. To answer one thing that came up. I saw somewhere that you should apply a matte sealer. I didn't know though that I should wait 24 hours before applying.
  7. This would be the first mini I've ever painted. The Reaper paint sets and the figure were gifted to me from my wife. I still have a long way to go to even be in the ballpark of some of what I have seen here.
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