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  1. Regarding goblins....it would depend on the origin of the species in your game. In my game, many of the humanoid races were created during the Great War, when the elves split into two Courts over how to deal with the humans, who had appeared on their shores a decade earlier. The Seelie elves, together with the dwarves, gnomes, and hobbits opted to guide the humans into a better relationship with the Land. The Unseelie elves decided a practical and immediate solution would be to simply cull the human race to a more manageable level...or entirely, even. During the War, the Unseelie Court delved
  2. Congrats! LOL!!!! Nope. I'm a registered nurse, and I really don't think I have the patience to be a good shopkeeper. I have thought about opening a mobile infusion clinic that can give drunk idiots IV infusions to reduce/eliminate hangovers, though.
  3. Actually, while I like so much from the Dark Depths expansion, the one thing I didn't like was the Sea Giant. It felt like the inspiration was more a Pirates of the Caribbean movie, rather than a D&D Sea Giant. Then again, I still play a mix of 1st and 2nd editions, where Sea Giants were human looking and not strangely misshapen monsters. Now, others probably think that figure is the bee's knees...but I'm just not there. I will be cutting off the sharks and adding to my collection though. Maybe I could even use them as a corrupted Sea Giant, defiled by the dark, Elder Sea Gods seeking to b
  4. You got the first letter right. Her name's Amariel. If you're a truly Tolkien-obsessed geek you'll recognize it as Sindarin for Daughter of the Earth. Try not to feel too sorry for her...she's dreadfully spoiled. 🙂 Regarding the Table (yes, It refers to Itself with capital letters...and curses my dice rolls when I don't), It was crafted by Daniel Fisher from Hammered Game Tables. He does amazing work. The carved gates of Moria actually glow green in the dark. Each of the player stations has a scene from the trek through Moria woodburned into it. If you're in the market for a new t
  5. It's here! Just brought in the five boxes UPS dropped off. They didn't even beat the boxes too bad...I guess it's too hot to work up a proper session of punishment. I had some help from my daughter with unpacking and arranging the loot. Is it just me, or does she looks suspiciously happy to be so close to my toys? I have a sinking feeling that a good portion of my new mermaids and dragons will mysteriously begin to disappear... I can't say that I'm excited to begin the inventory process. Some of the dragons look smaller than I had hoped, but they should still work. Also none of the 10 Core Set
  6. For my miniatures, I use six Akro-Mils storage drawer bins. They're excellent, and there are a variety of different styles/sizes so that you can somewhat customize your storage space. Here's one of my favorites:
  7. Is it too late to get in on the boxing sample orders? If not, here's my list. Pardon the late reply, I only just now found this thread. Your Selected Rewards Power Up: Full Moon Fever Option x5 Power Up: Dragonslayers x2 Power Up: Hippocampus Figurehead Option x3 Power Up: Reaper Figurehead Option x3 Glow in the Dark Ghost Pirate Ship x1 Bones 5 Core Set x10 Extra Walls of Thorns x5 Power Up: Campground and Trailer Park Scenics Option x2 Power Up: Demonic Legion Option x2 Power Up: Henchwomen Option x2 Option: Valfuryx the Vile
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