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  1. Loving the dragon sketch but not feeling it for the other one. I have a personal thing against dragons with horns. Seems to have become a thing since Warcraft hit the world and they really don't do it for me, much prefer the older, hornless, designs. Suspect with having moved house as well that I'll be waiting to see if they do splits of the main sets again as well. Last time i picked up some of the bits out of the core set rather than the whole thing, just couldn't justify the cost of the core set, especially when I got the Greek, Brinewind and deep sets and only wanted about 1/3 of the models in each box.
  2. Chrysoprasia aka Crazy Chrissie. Named for the Dr & Quinch character, going to be my alchemist in an upcoming horror game. The colour scheme was inspired by the elven tribes in the new Pathfinder expansion, Mwangi Expanse. The model was a 3d print, but all paints are Reaper. My first time ever both painting dark skin tones and using a wet palette. Overall quite happy with the result.
  3. Wanted a classic dragon colour scheme for this one, TV cartoon/Disney style, think I managed to pull it off. Of all the stuff I've done this is my wife's favourite. She wasn't a fan of the model to start but loves the finished version.
  4. Loved this figure in the Brinewind box, those shoulder pads looked very oriental do wanted to try and give her clothes a similar feel so went with blossom and flower decoration. Not too happy with the face, with the green hair she looks a bit Mrs Joker, but does make her fit in with the horror game I'm using her in. Wish I'd left the purple in the cloak around the bottom edge as it meant the cherry tree didn't stand out as much as it should. Not done the base as I'm undecided to leave her on this one or mount her in the boat when i get it.
  5. Sorry, only just saw your response. It's the squidgy lichen stuff from the Army painter basing set
  6. Plenty to paint with the new stuff so started somewhere simple while sorting through the small horde of miniatures that thudded onto the doorstep. In reality the head hasn't turned out that good , thank you sunlight, but did look okay and I love the purples on the cloak. The armour isn't quite how I would have liked but tried drybrushing the whole thing rather than relying on a deep wash. Fun figure though 🙂 Also followed the advice of Rhonda and made colour charts. Really useful as I switch to Reaper paints from others.
  7. Wasn't totally happy with how this came out. I wanted a reptilian version of a tiger pattern for stalking in the jungle. Colour scheme worked I think and overall it's a great model but it has some issues I struggled with. It's not symmetrical, the ridges and scales on each side are in different places and don't align making the patterning problematic. That coupled with the fact that some of the larger scales fade out and a lot of the smaller scales are almost indistinct took some of the fun out if it. Normally I enjoy doing scales and applying washes and dry rushing as well as picking out patterns on individual scales but this was hard work. Will still make the kids worry when it hits the tabletop though 🙂
  8. Getting ready for my next game, the plot is the party are going to be sent off on a Heart of Darkness/Apocalypse now type quest so have been painting models in similar patterns and colours to give a sort of military cohesion. Due to 12 hr shifts sat in a security box I got to finish off a fetchling Thief using the Frostgrave Knights Sprue and some extra bits for my son's character. Also added photos of the others in the same colours to see if others think the theme is working.
  9. I have those 🙂 will need to get practising
  10. I ordered a Frostgrave Knights Sprue and those arms and helmet just begged a go at Monty Python's Black Knight. Went for greys to highlight the cloth and blues for the leather boots and gloves to get a feel for him wearing different materials. My first time using almost all reaper paints so wanted to see how they worked, next time I'll add some washes, but really happy with them. (Traded my son 40 GW paints for 11 reaper and happy with the trade)
  11. Do like the colours on the boots - what did you use?
  12. Thanks to everyone who passed on swampy/marsh basing tips. Experimented with a few and got an effect I liked. My jungle Tatzlwyrm now has some suitably wet ground to lurk in.
  13. Currently plotting a heart of darkness style campaign and working on my models. First up is going to be a Tatzlwyrm equivalent, lurking in the mango swamps. I've never done jungle/swamp bases before and wondered if anyone has any tips or suggestions. This is my beast so far with just a blank base
  14. Was so glad to find this figure to use as one of the final bad guys in my kids current campaign. Not altogether happy with how the tentacles turned out and I still can't do smooth transitions from dark to light on cloth (well, anything), but overall, quite happy with how this turned out. Lets see the little sods darlings backstab this one and dispatch him in two rounds.....
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