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  1. I feel like I can find some ships here and there but I can’t seem to find any figures. And even places like big bay toy store haven’t had any stock in a long time. What’s the deal? I get we went through a pandemic but were they just hit that hard? Or did they stop making them or something? I really want a battle droid and some clones but I can’t find them anywhere. Also random side question. Does anyone know of a place I could potentially get s Mobdro. ome robotic looking parts that would look like they fit in the Star Wars universe and would fit the 1/12th scale stormtroopers? Preferably that would allow my to just put that arm on instead of the storm tro VidMate oper arm but that I would still have the articulation of the shoulder. Thanks
  2. I've been thinking of making molds of body parts (limbs, torso, head, etc) that could be conne cted with wires and posed. That would make customizing minis a bit faster. I was wondering if anyone else had done that. I couldn't find anything by searching, but I could be using the wrong terms. If anyone's tried it and has any tips, photos, or can link to a post, that'd be great. Thanks!
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