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  1. Thanks for the Link. I am following them now. At least i won't miss the next set!
  2. It looks disgusting! Meaning it looks perfect!
  3. I like the shroud. Going with white, beige and a ghostly bluish colour is aninteresting idea. I might have gone with some darker colours but thats of course just personal preference.
  4. How about a nurgle style base. With brown earth and some green representing slime, grime and other wet stuff? I use that for my wet pox maggots. This is abetter shot of what i hat in mind. Maybe add some static grass...
  5. @ Venum: I was hoping i was wrong. These packs looked really good to me. I hope i don't miss at least wave 6. Maybe you can then order old packs again. Sometimes kickstarters allow you to order stuff from previous kickstarts on new projects. Also "dank je well" from a german neighbour living near the border to your beautiful country. @rubegon Thats a good tip maybe somebody doesn't want his Aquatic pack and will be selling it to me. Though i am not rich. The fact that this kickstarter was so affordable was a good argument for it. Even buying the stuff on the Reaper shop will be muc
  6. It was just two months ago that i became aware that reaper bones even existed (not from the USA don't blame me) and ordered some stuff for my upcoming Frostgrave and Rangers of Shadow Deep Games. This week that i cam across that awesome Wave 5 Kickstarter with some Miniatures and setpieces i would rellay like to havel ike the "Encounter - Spiders of Emrith Kul" (Perfect for Rangers of Shadow Depp" or the "Dark Depths Expansion". However when i klicked on "Late Pledge" i couldnt back anything. Am i just too late? If yes is there any chance to get my hands on these packs? Does anybody have an i
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