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  1. Uncle Atom recommended it and also guerilla miniature games played it. I liked so far what i saw. Also the price is awesome. 15 Eur for the rulebook then there is an additional source book called Kontraband and thats it. The (inofficial) minis you can buy on etsy for 40-50 Euros (several packs which you can then mix and match). Terrain i can reuse partly fantasy stuff and just have to build some simple houses and shacks to simulate the eastern european village part. So Money wise its really a small investment especially if you divide the cost by 2 people. Also i like the micture of stalker-esq
  2. Like i have Written here we will now move to realism/sci fi game zona alfa https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/96414-soviet-city-town-sign-zona-alfa/ But thanks for your suggestion
  3. After deliberating wether or not we would play Necromunda my hooby friend and i have decided to probably play zona alfa in the near future. GW did some really scummy moves during the last week so why should i support them even if Necromunda is affordable? Zona alfa is still cheaper then Necromunda. Also a cool system, and allows us to play semi coop/coop games. So after finding on etsy a miniature shop called "Patrick Miniatures" who had a lot of 3d printed inofficial zona alfa stuff (cant linkbecause of "awesome" forum rules) i decided to "borrow" his idea of a soviet city style t
  4. Together with some scatter terrain like a tree for example it might not be good just for taking pictures but also for playing.
  5. I tried today some freehand and it looked awful. And now i log on here and see your incredible miniature. Awesome paintjob though now i am somewhat depressed that i cant even put a simple star on a shield freehand and others paint cherry blossoms on a cloak. ;)
  6. I have received two packages from the uk recently. One from reaper bones which did not cost me anything extra. And another one from a smaller minuature Company where i had to pay 12 euros because the package Was declared without Vat so the german charged me vat tax. The guy from the smaller Company said that atm it Was a gamble. Some packages would go through without extra fees some not.
  7. i can already imagine some vicious battles around this ruines with littl men bleading metal from their wounds. Well done.
  8. beautiful and deadly. Hoewever wool manufacture in heaven seeems to be a dying industry meaning i am personally more fond of giving supposed angels some more modest clothing. Looking sexy should be reserved for succubzs and the like, but that is not your fault. Also i agree with krulebear. The patterns on the feathers are nicely done.
  9. Sometimes when i take pictures of my minis with the phone it does indeed look different from looking at it in reality. So maaybe the shadows are not vissible on picture. Is this treant from lord of the rings or another line of minis?
  10. I think this is well done. I especially like the yellow moshrooms at the foot of the treant. If i may give constructive Critisism: I think there could be deeper shadows in the cavitys (cavities? how do you write this in english correctly, grammer nazis to the rescue!) well whatever i mean the deeper parts of the bork. I can see that you did some highlights on some parts of the bork. I personally would have used a wash like agrax earthshade to darken the deeper valleys (but i don't know if you are into using washes at all) and tried to create a bigger contrast between the highlights
  11. I wonder where the limit for fees is cause a bunch of miniatures should not be that extreme valuable. Though of course if there are huge amounts of minis in there the limit might be reached, however i have a heretical question: would the official people who look into the package even know how much miniatures are worth, so you would be able to determine and declare the value of the package basicly yourself wouldnt you?
  12. When i used to live in a foreign country you could avoid all kind of fees by declaring that a package is a gift aka a non-commercial package. should this not also be a possibility here? Some mechanism like this has to exist for people to send stuff around. Maybe that would be worth investigating?
  13. I am also absolutley no Fan of GW anymore. Their pricing and permanent releasing of one edition after another smells like high level corporate greed to me (and there is more BS they pull off imo). That being sad i always liked the lore of 40k and classic warhammer so if there would be a chance for me to pick up a complete game for a resonable price (right now i ight get away with 100-150 Euros for a complete gang with core book and their gang book, which i find resonable for all the hours of enjoyment i might get out of it). then it might make this one time investment into necromunda managable
  14. she looks awesome! I guess you can send her picture to "manowar", they would be pleased to have her. They can put her on an Album Cover. If they ever do another one.
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