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  1. 6 minutes ago, Grumpy Gnome said:

    I have not played Zona Alpha but I have heard a lot of good things about it.

    Uncle Atom recommended it and also guerilla miniature games played it. I liked so far what i saw. Also the price is awesome. 15 Eur for the rulebook then there is an additional source book called Kontraband and thats it. The (inofficial) minis you can buy on etsy for 40-50 Euros (several packs which you can then mix and match). Terrain i can reuse partly fantasy stuff and just have to build some simple houses and shacks to simulate the eastern european village part. So Money wise its really a small investment especially if you divide the cost by 2 people. Also i like the micture of stalker-esque realism but also the sci fi aspects of the aliens visiting earth and leaving weird stuff behind.


    Necromunda is not expensive for a gw game but still you would have to pay at least anything between 200-350 Euros for source books terrain and gangs. compared to maybe 100 Euros for Zona alfa. Also the recent way in which GW killed fan animation and other warhammer content creators really made me dislike them even more. Except for some paint i think i won't buy fromt them anymore.

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  2. After deliberating wether or not we would play Necromunda my hooby friend and i have decided to probably play zona alfa in the near future. GW did some really scummy moves during the last week so why should i support them even if Necromunda is affordable? Zona alfa is still cheaper then Necromunda. Also a cool system, and allows us to play semi coop/coop games.


    So after finding on etsy a miniature shop called "Patrick Miniatures" who had a lot of 3d printed inofficial zona alfa stuff (cant linkbecause of "awesome" forum rules) i decided to "borrow" his idea of a soviet city style town sign and do a cheap knock off version myself. The name of the original town in Kyrill letters is "Pripyat" which is a throwback to the Stalker PC games i believe.


    Here the original thing whos idea i "borrowerd:.



    I decided now to do my own version but soon i hit a roadblock. How to do with cardboard the russian letters. Especially the P and A letters were a big problem since you have to cut out something in the middle of the letters which soon proved not to be possible with the material at hand. So i said "eff it!" and started to make some random kyrill letters which i was sure if they were combined in the end would sound cool and menacing russian and tschernobylesque. So i started to make letters and combined them:









    Ptgitscho... :ik_oops:


    that could have gone better... why is this name not sounding as cool as Pripyat?


    Ah who cares! Pripyat is for wannabe hipster kids. The real cool guys play in the eastern european nuclear wasteland city of Ptgitscho!!! :winkthumbs:


    And this is how the proud town sign of Ptgitscho came to be:












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  3. I tried today some freehand and it looked awful. And now i log on here and see your incredible miniature. Awesome paintjob though now i am somewhat depressed that i cant even put a simple star on a shield freehand and others paint cherry blossoms on a cloak. ;)

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  4. 18 hours ago, Kuroneko said:

    So, the official line is that tax/ import fees will be paid on gifts over £39 heading out of the UK. Unfortunately, you have to itemize the entire contents of the box ie small bag metal miniatures £5, plastic toy dragon £10 etc. I'm perfectly happy doing so, but I've received several packages from the EU lately that charged me tax even though they were well under the commercial limit. Have any EU forumites received parcels from the UK recently? 


    That said, I'm more than happy itemizing everything but it means that whoever was on the receiving end would have to be prepared to deal with possible import/handling fees if it got picked up by an over zealous worker

    I have received two packages from the uk recently. One from reaper bones which did not cost me anything extra. And another one from a smaller minuature Company where i had to pay 12 euros because the package Was declared without Vat so the german charged me vat tax. The guy from the smaller Company said that atm it Was a gamble. Some packages would go through without extra fees some not.

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  5. beautiful and deadly. Hoewever wool manufacture in heaven seeems to be a dying industry meaning i am personally more fond of giving supposed angels some more modest clothing. Looking sexy should be reserved for succubzs and the like, but that is not your fault.


    Also i agree with krulebear. The patterns on the feathers are nicely done. 

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  6. 20 hours ago, William said:


    Thanks! I actually used a mid-brown wash from army painter. It doesn't show well in the images against the oak brown base coat, but it's noticeable when looking at it in person.

    Sometimes when i take pictures of my minis with the phone it does indeed look different from looking at it in reality. So maaybe the shadows are not vissible on picture. Is this treant from lord of the rings or another line of minis? 


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  7. I think this is well done. I especially like the yellow moshrooms at the foot of the treant.


    If i may give constructive Critisism: I think there could be deeper shadows in the cavitys (cavities? how do you write this in english correctly, grammer nazis to the rescue!) well whatever i mean the deeper parts of the bork. I can see that you did some highlights on some parts of the bork. I personally would have used a wash like agrax earthshade to darken the deeper valleys (but i don't know if you are into using washes at all) and tried to create a bigger contrast between the highlights  of the bork and the deeper parts of the bork. Asside from that i think this looks like a clean and well done paintjob.

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  8. I wonder where the limit for fees is cause a bunch of miniatures should not be that extreme valuable. Though of course if there are huge amounts of minis in there the limit might be reached, however i have a heretical question: would the official people who look into the package even know how much miniatures are worth, so you would be able to determine and declare the value of the package basicly yourself wouldnt you?

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  9. 1 hour ago, Dan S said:

    I used to play the original Necromunda when I was younger (I understand they released a remake recently).  It was one of my favourite games ever made, I much preferred the small scale skirmishes of gang warfare to the large scale battles of army based war games.  I also liked the role play elements and level up system of Necromunda, it made for a much more intimate game as you felt a lot more invested in your characters.


    Whilst all the rule books made it look quite daunting at first glance, they served more as reference books and were there if you intended explore the games roleplay elements (i.e party progression, claiming territories to earn money, unique scenarios to play etc).   The core game itself was actually a pretty easy game to jump into once you had a grasp of the basic rule set (iirc there was a quick start guide in the box that summarised the all core rules on a single A4 sized sheet of card). 


    As for the new Necromunda I have no idea, I fell out of love with Games Workshop and for personal reasons tend to avoid their products.  But if it is anything like the old game, then I am sure it will be great.


    I am also absolutley no Fan of GW anymore. Their pricing and permanent releasing of one edition after another smells like high level corporate greed to me (and there is more BS they pull off imo). That being sad i always liked the lore of 40k and classic warhammer so if there would be a chance for me to pick up a complete game for a resonable price (right now i ight get away with 100-150 Euros for a complete gang with core book and their gang book, which i find resonable for all the hours of enjoyment i might get out of it). then it might make this one time investment into necromunda managable.


    Thanks for letting me know about your experience with the rules. Sounds not to bad unlike 40k.


    I remember playing 40k in the shop (15+ years ago) and saying to the other guy i was playing with: "I am a noob and this is my second 40k game so i hope you can help me with the rules. I find them a little bit confusing to be honest." and the guy said something along the line "I am no noob but i also don't get the rules. Nobody really understands them." We laughed and started playing and 10 minutes later he was disqualified from the game because he had accidently went over what he was allowed to bring to the table by 40 army points (in a 600 püoints game). The guy in the store was super serious about it but i felt that guy simply made a mistake with his army list cause he didnt stike me like the kind of guy who was "that guy who has to win desperatley".


    That story came up in my mind while thinking about all of this. It was Fun but GW got enough money from me for 40k and Lord of the rings so i will never buy anything big from them again. OInly Necromunda an something similiar small and inexpensive would be ok for me.

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  10. I would be ok with waiting a little bit more for your guys bones 5 stuff to arrive.


    I could make a starter Box. Would be however mostly lord of the rings and maybe some historical victrix stuff like legionaires and carthaginian soldiers. Also i do not know how many minis i need to put into the starter Box. And can they be primed or do they have to be 100% fresh/unsullied?

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  11. 2 hours ago, Dan S said:

    I love this.


    Someone in one of my facebook groups posted a video from a model train museum in Germany recently.  One of the displays that stood out was of a stormy mountain, they had created clouds similar to your fog wall, but they had added flashing blue LEDs inside to simulate flashes of lightning, it looked really good.


    I bet you could make some really good tabletop spell effects.

    Thank you for your kind words and for the other comments of you other people. Next time i am gonna make a frostgrave spell effect i will make Sure to share it with you all.


    I wish you all an awesome week.

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  12. 7 hours ago, lowlylowlycook said:

    I can say that modern Necromunda has a ludicrous number of source books to the point that anyone that wants to play has to use a fan made compendium just to keep things together.

    As far as i can tell you need the core rules and then the rulebook containing your gang. Two rulebooks are ok i think. Of course you might need additional books for additional campaigns but considering that i alrwady bought 5 additional rule books from frostgrave you could make the Argument that you also have to buy more books with other Systems for more stuff to play.


    Realitys edge has just one book which is good for the wallett but makes me question if there are more official campaigns or Updates to come.


    But in the end the most important thing is the question wether the rules are a mess or not. Easy to learn without sacrificing all depth (like frostgrave) or not.

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  13. after starting to play frostgrave we are now thinking about something Cyberpunk sci fi thing to start playing in the future. I have started to look into necromunda since its prices ( which honestly came as a big surprise for me) are on the more normal side for gw. Another candidate is realitys edge from osprey. Stargrave would be to close to frostgrave i think. I want sonething that feeels a little different. Is anybod  here who has xperience with necromunda? 


    I am mainly interested to know  if it is fun and if its rules are a mess or more easy to learn like frostgrave. I remember from my time playing 40k that i Was not a Fan of the imho complicated rules of that game. are necromunda rules better then 40k?

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