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  1. Cool Dragons and the Dwarvemonument indeed has some kind of jade look to it.
  2. Did you put LED lights inside the cabin? Thats cool! Also all those little details are really well done. I am more of a goal oriented terrainbuilder quickly building what i need for my next wargame but this cabin has more of a Diorama and less of a simple wargaming terrain feel to it. Well done!
  3. With cardboard glue and big paper clips you can also do it! Lets make our frostgrave look awesome!
  4. here a simple fog wall i made of cardboard, cotton wool, super glue and big paper clips. I need it since my frostgrave witch has that spell. Its diameters are 6 inch length. 3 inch height.
  5. i also need to Do some scatter terrain for frostgrave in the near future. Good job!
  6. As someone who can't paint faces well i have to say the Face looks awesome!
  7. after finishing the spider nesting trees whicv i posted here last week i obviously also had to do some spiders. I took inspiration from australian Black widow spiders however for more visual pleasure i gave two spiders a green back. Just a simple paintjob aiming for a nice difference between a Black body and the crisp colour on the back. Btw i cant wait to receive my encounter at emrys kul from bones 5.5. I love spiders...
  8. thats good to hear! Also my recent tactic is to do something easy after i have done something difficult. I painted a difficult knight afterwards i just painted some easy spiders, which look presentable even with just a small effort. Also tactical Breaks are ok. Yesterday i decided not to paint and just played warhammer Total war 2. That Was enjoyable and today ifeel more motivated to Do something miniature related. Keep going while taking Breaks and switching between difficult and easy to paint miniatures.
  9. The golems i like from a view of Personal taste. However the three headed oger looks like it took some work cause it had some details.
  10. this is creepy af (the miniature itself plus the strange purple). Well done.
  11. Adding arkady it would be already 4 people plus venuns collector friends. I think we might be able to start soon.
  12. Very well done. I like the white Highlights on the grey skin. Especially on the legs.
  13. How many people do we need to Do a europe goodwill box? If limeth, venun and myself participate we would already be 3 people. Fun thing is that we 3 would also be living close to each other with netherlands and germany. If nobody else volunteers then i could be a Box starter though i may need advice on how big of a package to make and on how many items to put in.
  14. Uhg. This is really disgusting... but ok i did not know something like this Existed for Real. It seems texas is quite close to the cursed shadow deep.
  15. after all those difficult projects i did a small relaxing project for rangers of shadow deep. In the core book the second scenario of the first mission your ranger has to destroy spider nesting trees. I used some premade trees, cardboard, grass and pieces of dried leaves and cotton wool to create the trees. I feel i went alittle bit over Board with the wool, but what do you guys think?
  16. Sorry, too much Text to read it all on a saturday morning but the terrain looks really awesome. I do only fantasy at the moment but should i ever do Apokalypse, your way is the way to go. The story with the store credits sounded like smart Business to get them some extra cash.
  17. I like the Horns. The are not just bone colour but the hint of brown makes them look much more rrealistic. Die you dry brush the brown on?
  18. i finally received my copy of rangers of shadow deep.which means i need to start to paint my ranger and his companions. I have started with creating his Team. Part of his Team will be a conjurer (mandalf the blue), an arcanist ( sister Hazel) and an archer for ranged Support. For the first time i have tried wet blending with mandalf and Hazel. With Hazel it Went well i think. With mandalf it went more ok-ish. Archer guy? Ddid just get a quick paint. I dont care wether he lives or dies, looks good or not. Why has mandalf the blue such a silly name? It is from the game war for the overworld. You are there the Bad guy and a sorceror who is called mandalf opposes you on a Mission. And everytime he dies he comes back with another colour in the name. And when he runs out of colours because you have killed him so many times the colours become more and more obscure like mandalf the apricot-beige or something like that. I found thqt Funny thats why i called him like that and also i wanted to paint my third painted gandalf from gws lotr to look differently.
  19. Thanks for taking the time to answer my question. With this i guess i will get myself a daimyo pack...
  20. Hi i have a question regarding the daimyo pack. In the pledge manager on the pictures that show the miniatures of the daimyo pack i believe there are a bunch of miniatures missing that should be part of the daimyo pack. For exampe the miniatures numvbered 412,413,414 are nowhere to be seen but also many others are missing. Are the pictures just not complete in the pledge manager or is this pack a slimmed down version of the original one? There was no support contact in the pledge manager thats why i am asking here.
  21. not 100% satisfied with your paintjob? Well my eyes were 100% satisfied after feasting on this piece of Art. Awesome paintjob!
  22. The great horned rat approves! (Am i Playing to much Total war warhammer skavens? Nah probably not...)
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