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  1. I am glad she isn't a redshirt! And she probably too.
  2. And today i should receive Rangers of shadow deep. So i can play PvPvE with Frostgrave and then Coop or Solo with RoSD. When i played tabletop 15 years ago you pretty much had just GW stuff. Everything else was nonexistent (or completly unknown). I am happy that nowadays there is much more excellent stuff to choose from.
  3. How anybody can use paper over beautiful miniatures is beyond me but hey you can volunteer to prepare a d&d session and then you will use your miniatures during that session. That would be a (mildly sneaky) way of getting the group to apreciate your minis.
  4. Squidmar teaches us to paint anime eyes. Lol. Well to be honest i don't agree with everything that guy says and does but who am i to critisize the award winners. Just do what you want. In the end you are an awesone painter to pull the eyes off so well because my shaky Hand would not have been able to do it.
  5. Here a quickly painted lange construct for frostgrave. Three layers of brown. Dark brown wash, some dark Metal for the nails and other metal parts. Snow for the base. Finished in an hour. Only two werewolves a vampire and a frostwyrm to paint, then the frostgrave wandering Monster Box will be finished (for now...).
  6. logged into the pledge manager... Still not open. *Sad music playing*.
  7. I like your paintjob! Is she painted for D&D or Reign in Hell?
  8. keep going! Think about playing with it and you will stay motivated (at least that usually helps me). some time ago i Was also not motivated to do a certain miniature and then decided to do a simple paintjob with a wash to finish it. Sometimes getting it done in a simple way helps to stay motivated.
  9. I read in a Youtube discussion last week the comment of a police officer saying that gw literally takes the street price of Heroin for every gramm of plastic. That has reinforced my belief to not buy a lot of gw stuff any more. And why should i? Reapee bones, northstar and victrix take care of my needs in a much more wallett friendly way. Btw are the soldiers on the front/lefft uruk hai? Can't properly see it...
  10. That brings back memories. ALso have two painted LOTR trolls in my collection from GW and a bunch (like 300 or more) of other LOTR miniatures i bought like 10 to 15 years ago when GW Miniatures were still affordable... Also good paintjob. The Cave trolls look like in the movie!
  11. So it might actually not be a modern thing that this word became part of north American english but actially go back to the 19th century. I learned something interesting today. Also you eat kartoffelsalat? I like you immediatley much more 🙂 But i think this thread has gone to far if rails. Still was nice to talk some german language history...
  12. In germany it is for 4-5 year old children so i guess it is also preschooling. I wonder how the german word got to north america and wasn't translated. If you were to translate kindergarten to english it would mean childrensgarden the idea for the german word is well a garden for children to play in and be just happy.
  13. I know they are supposed to be nyphs but to me they look more like succubi...
  14. I live far away from Berlin but considering your german language skills: its interesting that some american people actually are using german words. I hear them use them all the time in youtube videos. The obvious blitzkrieg but then also other german words like "spiel" and "schadenfreude" oh and also sometimes i hear "kindergarten". It is really fun to see english and german language mixing.
  15. You are right. I learned a lot. The problem was also the white glue. I should have immediatley used super glue. That was much better. Also i should have better connected the structures with each other. This was a big project and i made some mistakes. Well it worked in the end and the next time i will do better.
  16. yeah however like i said i am not a native english speaker and the reaper bones people were sometimes jumping fast from one topic to another and i am not 100% sure that the 20% mark up is realted to bones 5.5. Again i recommend you watch the twitch stream and try figure it out yourself. Would be nice if some native english speaker could tell us if i heard it right...
  17. ok after nearly loosing my mind after another wall toppling, having super glue all over my hands and breaking some stones apart i nearly punched the whole terrain piece wanting to throw it into the garbage bin. But i stayed somewhat calmed. Painted the whole damn thing and added snow effects. With the snow i mostly tried to add it in crevices or near the wall where the sunlight can't melt it away easily. I thought that this would be more realistic this way. I am not 100% satisfied with the paint Job but i am way to annoyed to continue with it. I call this one finished. It will do good for frostgrave next week! With this the shadows of raevenholm - frostgrave version- is finished. Getting now some extra sleep to get healthy again.
  18. Since i suck at painting eyes i don't paint them at all and when i do i only do white round eyes. I find it hard to not make the eyes too big (anime eyes) or to give them some kind of weird serial killer stare look. In that regards i admire your will and calm hand to get the eyes done at all. if you need advice on painting eyes i guess squidmar on Youtube will be more able to advise you then just a mediocre painter on the Forum here. 😉
  19. aside from the contrast paint i like how clean and precise the rest of the paint job feels. I usually paint a litttle bit sloppy with my old shaking hands but your painting looks Spot on. Good job!
  20. i like what you have done (especially the use of different greens) however her big anime girl like eyes scare me a little bit. I hope you are not offended by this.
  21. if i understood it correctly (am not a native english speaker) the Mark up will be 20%. Meaning a Box that did cost 50$ in Kickstarter will now be 60$ in bones 5.5. To be Sure i recommend you rewatch the last twitch livestream which has all the Information in it.
  22. This has somekind of diorama quality to it. Well done! I like to See good terrainbuilds by others which keep me inspired for my own builds.
  23. I am sorry for the lack of Updates. This week i found my self in a thunder rainstorm while wearing a t Shirt. Predictably i have fallen somewhat ill... but much worse is that i nerarly lost the whole terrain piece. What happened? Turns out the cardboard Was way to thin to Support the heavy wheight of All the stones. When i Lifted it up because i wanted to get it outside for priming it partly collapsed. So i had to repair everything with glue and an additional layer of spackle and had to get the whole thing on a styrodur (foam) plate which can actualy support the wheight of the piece. Luckily the additional spackle looks like dirt/snow and this is for frostgrave so thats no problem, however if this would have been pristine minas tirith... then it would have been a complete fail. This is how it looks at the moment: Tommorow the spackle should be dry. Then i will carry it out and prime it and then start painting it. Back on track with the project!
  24. Ok so i have actually stopped painting the base and glued the stones because i realized that i will also need to prime and paint the stones. Well sonewhat obvious now Looking back. Here now how the glued Model looks. I used white glue for glueing the stones together.
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