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  1. I‘d say probably some more Europeans. And shouldn’t you add late pledges? Those aren’t in the number in the KS?! Same here, except Wights only 1x. I guess we play the waiting game some more 🤗
  2. Why not? And also too late 😞 ! I´m not on facebook so that info smoothly failed to reach me. Already entered with my second Mail-Account and ordered $200 worth of stuff... What evils will now descend upon me??
  3. Sorry, I missed the update on the brushes! Can you give a link or a hint where to find numbers/sizes/pics? Thanks Jon!
  4. Any idea what late backer prices are? Like 50% more than KS prices? (Still a steal then)
  5. Admittedly, I’m a little nervous. It’s my first Bones KS and I guess I will be a little overwhelmed to find some 500 minis waiting for me in several huge boxes when I come home some day soon.
  6. Is there some information on the "Set of Reaper Master Series Paint brushes" out yet? Like how many and what sizes? And all sables? Someone told me it could be synthetic and sables mixed. Thanks! (Not that I won´t buy the box anyway...)
  7. Just a usual bread and butter day. Yes. Should be. Somewhere behind these clouds, maybe?! No. But if I had to guess I´d say there was some sort of something soemwhere, right?
  8. Very impressive and inspireing! Is that bark you used for the cavern walls?
  9. Fantastic! A very nice incentive to rework the class. I already forgot most of it!
  10. I´d really like humans and humanoids in postures of daily routine. Eating, repairing stuff, working, sleeping sitting (and playing cards or dice), standing lazy guard, being drunk, you name it. This for encounters, raids on (orc) camps, dioramas .... Closed wagon with removable top; pulled by oxen, with sitting folk. In fact a whole caravan would be nice! Settlers, traders... Tavern brawling scene (Brinewind?) More mundane animals; farm, wood, exotic....everything More giant insects 1920s and/or modern/futuristic: terrain pieces,
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