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  1. Hey thanks! What a surprise 😁. Much appreciated!
  2. Suggestion: can we give the diversity discussion a section for itself in this forum?
  3. They make the Ants a CoreSet Extra! Ron knows what comes next?
  4. It‘s great that reaper reads and listens and then react to us pledgers!! Antsie Extras - just perfect considering GG - Expansion/Option - would be awesome Shout out to Reaper !
  5. I do like the Green Griffin tavern Extension very much. It‘d be perfect with a couple of drinking and singing dwarves, 2 people sitting over a boardgame and 2-3 people in brawling positions with makeshift weapons (mug, chair leg…) and knucklebare
  6. Crossing my fingers you’re right! I just can’t buy 4 CoreSets to get enough antsies for my evil plans!
  7. A definite buy! I love the mean looks. I wonder if it‘ll be the biggest thing for this KS?
  8. This! speaks my mind short and clear!
  9. This one’s a Greater Bloodstone Golem
  10. Tons of good ideas, would buy most. The idea of refurbishing the demons is great. And throw in some huge Demonlords.
  11. I‘m just in $5. I think I saw enough that I will probably spend a lot more once the PM is open. Haven’t wrapped my head around it all yet. Hope the PM cleares up some measure issues though without me having to read stuff splattered on several sites.
  12. Well, the story core is a tavern. So you gotta pay with something, right? That’s where the coins come in 😁
  13. I´d really like humans and humanoids in postures of daily routine. Eating, repairing stuff, working, sleeping sitting (and playing cards or dice), standing lazy guard, being drunk, you name it. This for encounters, raids on (orc) camps, dioramas .... Closed wagon with removable top; pulled by oxen, with sitting folk. In fact a whole caravan would be nice! Settlers, traders... Tavern (brawling) scene (Brinewind?) More mundane animals; farm, wood, exotic....everything More giant insects Book golem 1920s Terrain pieces, cars, ordinary folk Big mesoamerican pyramid (several parts, modular); aztec fighters, wizards, folk; terrain pieces oh, I nearly forgot: more busts!! I´d love to see a Lich bust, monster busts, cthulian busts....
  14. I think I would like a mesoamerican pyramid better! It’s way easier to place minis upon them….
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