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  1. That isn’t hard trust me. We have numerous ups picks up and deliveries at my work daily and they all seem to have an opinion on how we should load or help them unload.
  2. Discord is saying they heard regular pirate ship orders are now shipping tomorrow. Here’s to another hopeful day of waiting.
  3. Sadly that isn’t the case here 😕 I’ve been checking that email since this morning. I’ll chalk it up to a UPS delayed email, I’ve seen enough late tracking info get uploaded from my work so I should know better 😛
  4. So I’m a little confused by the orders processed/wave reports I’m seeing. I checked and I’m Wave 2 backer 1554. No delayed items in my pledge. At the end of the stream earlier I saw the orders shipped was at 900+ in the last 24 hours so does that mean being 1554 my order hasn’t shipped? Just trying to figure out if my order was delayed or if I just haven’t gotten a notification with so many wave 3 reports 😬 the anxiety is real right now
  5. I’m assuming wave 1 is still being worked on and will likely go until EOD Tuesday or early Wednesday?
  6. Just saw this question asked in the Kickstarter comments, and felt like I could use some advice. How do you guys track what you received VW what you ordered? Does Reaper provide an order summary in your box(s) or is it up to you to go through everything and cross check pledge manager?
  7. Not sure if this was just in regards to US containers, I imagine not, but on last nights reaper live Ron said the containers held ALL missing pieces of certain items. GITD ship and modern scenic as well as mostly “power up” rewards.
  8. I was super excited to get an unexpected update email right before reaper live today. I’m even more excited since it sounds like I SHOULDN’T be impacted by the 2 containers but not knowing what all products are on them is weird. Reaper live made it sound like it was 6-8 items, mostly power up rewards. With only that many items you would think it would be easy enough to just reveal what all is on them and let people know for sure if they’ll be impacted.
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