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  1. I'm super inspired to try something like this, huge fan of green gradients 🙂
  2. I like it as it too 🙂 It highlights the boldness of the minotaur
  3. AMAZING! I really love the green head with its shadowy gradient effect 👏
  4. The wings are soooo detailed and overall it's really looking awesome 🙌
  5. All of them are looking really great and tough 😄
  6. I really like the paint work on this mini, especially the pumpkin head and its shadowy lines. 😁
  7. Totally seeing the theme and loving it! Really love how the minis turned out 😄
  8. It's sooooo beautiful and perfect! 😍 Totally mind blown!
  9. You and your son did an awesome job! These minis kinda remind me of how some lizards can camouflage themselves like the indominous rex 😄
  10. The detailing on his pants and coat is super well done! Really admire what you've done with this mini 👏🙂
  11. Those bats look super real! 😮 Great job on painting them! 🙌👏
  12. That mud effect on his pants is really awesome and so are the eyes, they're solid clean. What a great job! 🙂🙌
  13. I think it looks really great! The rust looks real and the gradient/shading style on the legs and arms are super fine 🙂 Will you be adding anything to the base like grass or a rocky mud platform? If not, it still looks great!
  14. I really love it and find it awesome! Really seamless work! 😄 Maybe adding a bit more depth for the branches to give some sort of shadowy vibe but personally I think it's perfect just the way it is 🙂 Loving the grass work as well
  15. I love it a lot! Just 1 more day 'til its launch, so excited for it! 🤩
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