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  1. LOL thank you! Dungeonworks is a 3D print company. I got this model from Minis3D - an etsy seller who uses dungeonworks STL files.
  2. More like a ghoul QUEEN 🙂
  3. Super evil-looking sculpt and a lot of fun to paint!
  4. I'm going to love killing this guy before he can infect me with his disease. 🧟‍♂️
  5. My first attempt at black metal weathering. These bad boys mean business!
  6. I love the ready-for-action pose of this model and I enjoyed experimenting with aethermatic blue contrast and flourescent green.
  7. Nice color scheme - those particular shades of green and red go very well together, and I also like your skin tone transitions.
  8. Super awesome! How did you create the wet effect for the yellowish oozing back wound?
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