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  1. Dwarven females with beards please!!!!
  2. I recieved an email today. So... looks like a June-August time frame? I am not worried about the delay, but I am moving around then. I just wanted some clarity on where I will be sending my box.
  3. Any updates... it's March and there is another kickstarter soon...
  4. I could see that but she needs to have some weapons! Good eye!
  5. Ahh... A fellow diskworld fan! There has to be a market for this. Right?!
  6. For a very long time I've been playing as a Dwarven female with a mohawk and a beard. I believe that the females of the Dwarven species should have beards as demonstrated in many fantasy novels. I would love for Reaper to make a line of female dwarves with beards!
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