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  1. I think there was a semi-confirmation of an Egyptian themed expansion from Ron on ReaperLive a while ago. Can't remember if there were any more mentioned....
  2. I just backed this! Only a small pledge for the barbaric undead ('The Humiliated') but tempted by more!
  3. I really love the kid heroes - was a bit on the fence but added them as an extra mainly for the little companions. The animals are great, but the kids themselves have surprised me. Some could easily sub in for gnomes or halflings in a less themed game. I also really like the druid in the halloween set and the twisted and grotesque nature of the 4 human zombies. They're much more dynamic than they looked in the images.
  4. Just got my shipping notification - UK Wave 2, about $315 (£230). Can't wait! 😬
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