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  1. On 8/17/2022 at 6:33 PM, Gareth Adams said:

    @BlackCatHobby - can you take a look at your tracking information and see if it tracked through the UK? I got a shipping notification on the 4th August but the tracking ends when the parcel arrived in the UK on the 10th…


    I really hope it’s not been lost after waiting so long.


    It said 'processed through office of exchange' and then just got delivered, but I had no 'collected by courier' or 'out for delivery' notification.

  2. 48 minutes ago, Gadgetman! said:

    Just tried the PM...      

    Didn't pick the Core set, though, just a bunh of other stuff.


    Item Total: $148.00

    Pledge Applied: -$125.00

    Total: -$102.00    





    Yeah I had a weird thing too - check out $84, initial pledge $75, total coming out as -$66. Huh? Same on the confirmation email. 

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  3. Eeek, I've been telling myself that I'm not worried about the slowness of this and that everything will unlock but we're in the final 48hrs now and there hasn't really been a massive surge yet. Hoping that everything we've seen becomes available!


    On the upside fulfilment is likely to be quicker with smaller backer numbers? Maybe? Seems like a rather tarnished silver lining. 😕

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  4. 12 minutes ago, Magnus Brickson said:

    I had no idea I wanted a lighthouse mini bigature.  And a walrus. Guess I might want to pick up an overtime shift or two lol



    I was literally just thinking that it would be cool to have some sort of tower scenery for the table. Spent my lunch break looking at the Renedra tower, and then this came out. Now I can have a tower with a walrus!

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  5. 49 minutes ago, Adrift said:

    I hypothesize that the lack of allowing people to add-on groups from the core set is eating up a significant amount of $$ growth during the KS. If they open that option up during the PM phase, I bet they’ll see a tremendous spike. Good for them in the aftermath, not good for the KS campaign and unlocking more goals. 


    I get that it may also be a logistical nightmare for them during fulfillment, but if it adds a couple $100k to the campaign…


    I'm not sure if they announced the break-up of the core set in Bones V whilst the campaign was going, I think it came later in the PM. Maybe I wasn't paying attention but I was delighted when I realised in the PM that I could add extras! I think they'll do some break outs but won't announce till after we're done. 

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  6. I'm really on board with both Hakir and DD. A mighty need for that giant slug has me in its slimy grip! :;,;:


    DD is the first expansion that I know I want with only one unlock visible. I'm pretty sure that as Hakir is fleshed out I'll be in for that too. Still not feeling the core set though, its a great deal but not for me. 

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  7. My thoughts so far:

    • I'm not going in for the core, as I'm not particularly interested in most of it. If it was split, as others have been suggesting and maybe will happen, there are one or two things I'd try to pick up (Nightmare, Mud Men, Ants, Gnomes) but overall it is lacking the wow factor of Bones 5 right now. I also think that the straight up reprints of the older metal models are a bit of a misfire. The Bloodstone Golem in particular is a very strange choice.
    • I like Briarwood Vale but Sullenhall is a maybe and GG a probably not. GG extras might be cool though. 
    • Dungeon Denizens and Lost Tombs are where I'm pinning my hopes right now - they'll be the difference between a very small pledge and a much larger one from me.
    • I do like most of the extras, and if the expansions aren't what I hope I'll drop my existing pledge on some of those. I especially like the Hellborn adventurers that are coming, as the little Catfolk and Dragonfolk parties were some of my favourites in Bones 5. 

    The Kickstarter comments seem to be worried about slow growth, and I am a bit too. I really want to see the cool stuff that is supposedly coming later on! I saw that Reaper are intending more slow and steady this time round but I worry about momentum. It doesn't seem to have the same social media hype as last time. 


    Fingers crossed!

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  8. 9 minutes ago, MoonglowMinis said:

    What's everyone hoping to see most in day 1?

    I for one really hope we see the first part of the desert expansion.  Curious to see if they'll be mostly new sculpts, or if they'll be old Nefsokar sculpts.


    Desert expansion for me too! Also interested in the full details of the core, not sure if I'm in for that yet based on what's been shown so far. 


    Side note: watching these otters is actually quite relaxing.

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  9. I really love the kid heroes - was a bit on the fence but added them as an extra mainly for the little companions. The animals are great, but the kids themselves have surprised me. Some could easily sub in for gnomes or halflings in a less themed game.


    I also really like the druid in the halloween set and the twisted and  grotesque nature of the 4 human zombies. They're much more dynamic than they looked in the images. 

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