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  1. So I just started buying reaper paints and I really like them and want to get more but with all their differs product lines I the bones paints the best because coverage. However I bought some Msp pro as well but some of the color are very close if not the same. Is there a chart or document somewhere that outlines which colors match up with others from a different line? I try to eyeball it but when it comes to brown and green I struggle to see differences? I like a big a variety as possible but some colors seem like the only difference might be the additives
  2. It seems my favorite bones 5 model is whichever one I am painting right now. I really now like the African looking man with the sword and bow. Oh and ever single hireling model so great for OSR gamers like me
  3. I would go to their main page and start a pledge manager account under bones 5 make an account and order dungeon dwellers and at least one big dragon. That is 74 bucks plus shipping. You will not get it now but I promise you will be happy later. Get more if you want but both those are great deals
  4. A teen slasher movie encounters set all your stereotypes are here jock nerd promiscuous girl small town cop and final girl but each one had a second sculp of them slaughtered except the final girl who has a hero pose and Of course the masked killer with axe hook clever etc
  5. Do you have a pick I didn’t get chronoscope
  6. So on reaper live they said Ron had a mini modeled on him and I think it is the bomb thrower from the henchmen expansion. Ignore my bad paint job and look at the face of your own mini if you doubt, maybe I am crazy.
  7. How do you cover mistake? Or do you have one shot
  8. My favorites are the plague doctors because I love darkest dungeon and the troll with the kettle on is head which is the best troll miniature I have ever seen, it tells you everything a troll is.
  9. An Arabian/Persian expansion. A feathered serpent OSR flavored sculpts
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