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  1. I would love 80s kids to use with tales from the loop kids on bikes rpgs
  2. Quick question has anyone gotten the new bones USA kobolds and also have the bones 5 kobolds. I know some of sculpts are the same and since the materials are different I know there is some kind of difference. Is it worth getting the new bones USA if you have the bones 5? Is the difference really pronounced? Thanks in advance
  3. I would love to see a monster kit bashing sprue, kind of like the weapons only with extra horns, mouths, eyes, tentacles, arms and other creepy appendages to add to monsters to make each one a bit different.
  4. When I said gothic what I really would like is more Victorians who are not overtly steampunk. Also Modern kids that are not oversized/exaggerated to use with kids on bikes or tales from the loop. would love some guys/gals in full space suits, like space walk spacesuits to use with Mothership rpgs and alien rpgs and anything that looks like it comes from the hyborean age including thinly veiled Conan sculpts. more dark elves that are not evil as that is going to be changed in DnD
  5. A gothic monsters/characters box expansion. an entire box expansion for call of Cthulhu the second most popular rpg in the world. Biggest rpg in japan even ahead of d and d.
  6. Thank you all so much this really help my current project
  7. So I am putting together a paint order and I want to order some new black paints. My preference is for MSP bones paint but will take them from any line. First is there a grey black or a charcoal color that is more black than grey? Is there another black paint that has a bit of nuance to it. Also what is the new black pearl paint that just came out. Thanks in advance
  8. So I just started buying reaper paints and I really like them and want to get more but with all their differs product lines I the bones paints the best because coverage. However I bought some Msp pro as well but some of the color are very close if not the same. Is there a chart or document somewhere that outlines which colors match up with others from a different line? I try to eyeball it but when it comes to brown and green I struggle to see differences? I like a big a variety as possible but some colors seem like the only difference might be the additives
  9. It seems my favorite bones 5 model is whichever one I am painting right now. I really now like the African looking man with the sword and bow. Oh and ever single hireling model so great for OSR gamers like me
  10. I would go to their main page and start a pledge manager account under bones 5 make an account and order dungeon dwellers and at least one big dragon. That is 74 bucks plus shipping. You will not get it now but I promise you will be happy later. Get more if you want but both those are great deals
  11. A teen slasher movie encounters set all your stereotypes are here jock nerd promiscuous girl small town cop and final girl but each one had a second sculp of them slaughtered except the final girl who has a hero pose and Of course the masked killer with axe hook clever etc
  12. Do you have a pick I didn’t get chronoscope
  13. So on reaper live they said Ron had a mini modeled on him and I think it is the bomb thrower from the henchmen expansion. Ignore my bad paint job and look at the face of your own mini if you doubt, maybe I am crazy.
  14. How do you cover mistake? Or do you have one shot
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