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  1. It worked! Thanks A LOT. I didn't realise how bendy they would get, I did the dry fit while hot and flexible, a bit of an awkward juggling act with the torso and both legs and base, and ran it under cold water. It worked like a charm. Super happy thanks again.
  2. Shavynra the Slayer - his rear legs don't fit the base properly. His stance is splayed out. One leg misses the spot by about 1cm. I tried boiling the legs for a min or 2, and then put them into an ice batch to see if that would work but it hasn't corrected the problem. Should I be boiling the legs a lot longer? They're pretty thick and chunky I can't see them changing shape very much .. I'm only dry fitting it at the moment. But, at this point - I'm thinking about just gluing him together and mounting him on the stand 'as is' - I can cut off the support peg on one of his back feet
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