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  1. Any time, I am always down to talk hobby all day any day. If anyone wants to know anything, I'm gappy to share
  2. Go for it, just start with a dark green base and don't be afraid to wash over the yellows with some watered down Leaf Green, it works out great
  3. Yes that one I am particularly happy with, I wanted to get a very subtle yellow neck with green still showing through, that was my primary objective playing around with that one, using some Leaf Green washes over wet blending Tanned Leather and highlighting with Amber Gold and tipped with Golden Blonde
  4. Oh hey, you found it! I did say I would post it but I wasn't sure how I would get it to you. Yeah I had some fun trying out different horns for each of them, trying to lock in how I intend on executing the schemes for all the Bones 5 dragons about to land at my door. Speaking of, how about the rest of that dragon to go with the head...
  5. I was messing around with it in preparation for tackling my silver dragon Argent. I'm thinking sticking to this with some bone or sand dry brushed blotches for white dragons and more pearlescent for silver dragons.
  6. Thanks, although I'm still not entirely happy with it. At some point I've gotta decide it's fine enough and move on. The guy is going to want it back afterall.
  7. Most of these aren't up to date and I've changed bits of them here and there since these, I'll be saving those shots for the finished product, but hopefully you enjoy the journey.
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