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  1. Females. More of these. Especially in active stances/poses. Many male miniatures have active stances/poses, while many female miniatures have passive poses. More female miniatures applies to all of the suggestions that follow. Anthropomorphic animals (were-creatures). Not Chibi versions. The original mouslings as opposed to the larger scale mouslings for example. Mammals that have not been previously done: hedgehog folk, porcupine folk, squirrel folk, badger folk, moose folk, elk folk, etc. And more of the unique ones that have been done: rabbit folk, otter folk, raccoon folk, deer folk, etc. Birds: owl folk, penguin folk, hummingbird folk, albatross folk, etc. Insects: anthropomorphic ants, bees, praying mantises, butterflies, etc. Love the cat folk, dragon folk, lizard folk, alligator folk, dinosaur folk, cow folk (minotaurs) that have been done; looking for some new anthropomorphic creatures now. Monsters with non-sterotypical weapons. Minotaurs with bows, spears, swords, staffs; anything but axes. Bugbears with swords, crossbows, polearms, daggers; anything but maces/clubs. Themed creatures and people, especially non-european. Mayan (and other south American themes), Egyptian (and other middle eastern/northern Africa themes), African, Asian, Slavic, etc. The themes were one of my many favorite things about Bones 5; Daimyo, Greek Odyssey, Dark Depths, Brinewind, more like these. Love the Greek Odyssey monsters, now we also need some Greco-Roman adventurer miniatures to go encounter these monsters. Really not interested in more generic goblins, undead, ogres, dragons, etc. but when they are themed like they were in the Daimyo expansion, I’m all in. Qilin/Kirin. Pixies, sprites, fairies, etc. Insects: Ants, bees, flies, praying mantis, butterflies, etc. Large and swarms. Farm animals and livestock from different parts of the world: water buffalo, yak, camels, llama, alpacas, sheep, goats, oxen, cows, pigs, chickens, etc. Unusual mounts with non-integrated riders so that the riders can be removed and used on other mounts: rhinoceros, hippo, llama, lion, dog, owl, etc. Second all of these things as well: Fire and ice salamanders. Wendigo and jackalope. Anhurian siege weapons crew. Viking longship and other Viking themed miniatures. Treants and other plant themed miniatures. Hag and the same hag on a crow. Paladin, then same paladin on a griffin. Fairy on a hummingbird. Battle llama.
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