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  1. @Chaoswolf I've never worked with green stuff before, but that sounds like a great use for the leftovers! Mold #C1232 would be great for that particular trick; it's a bunch of small boulders that should be relatively easy to fill up in a reasonable amount of time. And like @KruleBear mentioned, the larger molds can be used to create smaller pieces by only filling in a portion of the mold and breaking them down as needed. I've also tried slanting the mold while the putty cures to give the rock faces different edges; helps keep some variety with repeated castings. Good luck with the
  2. Overview At the beginning of 2021 I bought a couple of Woodland Scenic rock molds for terrain work. Unfortunately life got busy and the projects I wanted to use them for got put on hold, but I did spend a couple of days researching and experimenting before storing everything, and I thought it might be useful for someone if I do a bit of a postmortem (and I think they're pretty neat to boot!) (A selection of finished pieces; overall I cast and painted around fifteen or so from various molds to get a feel for the molds and putty) These were cast in J
  3. This is the second miniature I've ever painted, and the first with Reaper paints. I figured that a brush holder would come in handy for the all the Bones V painting in my future! The only Reaper paints I own are the Bones V paints (Learn to Paint kit and the two collections), plus two bottles of Reaper MSP 9038 Rainy Gray. Overall I'm really pleased with the way this first attempt worked out! I primed everything with 9038 Rainy Gray, then put on the base coats. The wings and ears gave me the most trouble as I had generously overpainted with 9410 Dragon Green, and was attempting a w
  4. The other big "sleeper hit" for me personally is how much the quality of Bones has improved. The last time I bought Bones minis was in 2016, and my opinion back then was that they were a good mix of detail, durability, and affordability. Bones Black is a huge step up from the 2014ish white Bones that I'm familiar with, and the classic material has been improved so much I couldn't tell at first glance where it was used in the Core set!
  5. Definitely, @cawatrooper! That's partly why I'm so impressed with Dungeon Dwellers; I can already tell I'll be plonking down 99% of it regularly. I agree with @YronimosW that it seems poised as a perfect starter collection for newer GMs and players. It pretty much sells itself as a small dungeon in a box! It strikes me as a great companion gift or upgrade to a "Learn to Play D&D" kit. It certainly would have been extremely appealing to me back in 2010 when I first wanted to try D&D and bought a 4E starter set.
  6. As a first time Bones backer, I have to agree with @YronimosW that the Dungeon Dwellers expansion really blew me away. I almost skipped it, and didn't really pay the box much attention when everything arrived; I was too excited about the skeleton pirates in Brinewind! But when I finally started sorting through it, it quickly became my favorite box. There's a great selection of classic "generic" adventurers, the variety of monsters is great, and I really, really like the little pile of treasure. 😁
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