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  1. Slower start than I'd hoped. Some base coating done at least... Plus some further minis - Epic Miniatures Nothics (3D printed) and GF9's Chardalyn Dragon. Might be a while 'till I get to the latter 🙂
  2. And a couple of the Clansmen ready for priming and painting this weekend.
  3. Inspired by others 'project threads' - and with a return to face-to-face gaming on the horizon - I thought I'd start my own thread of minis I'm painting for WOTC's Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden (D&D 5e). If nothing else this will help to keep me focused on the relevant bits of my unpainted pile, despite all the Bones V calling out to me 🙂 Feedback welcome - with the caveat that I'm an average painter at best, and aiming for table use not display! Anyone planning on playing this campaign might not want to read further; the minis will inevitably sp
  4. Some further progress. Needs some more highlighting on the back scales still, on the wing bones, and some further work on the small scales.
  5. Managed to miss it as it was in a different place on the page to the others, despite looking twice!
  6. Some further progress. Fins next, as well as the arm and leg scales and the face. Think the back scales could do with some more contrast at the edges too, and a bit more work on the base. Getting closer though!
  7. Looks like these have now been added - Dance of Death, Skeletal Dragon, Blacksting, Mossbeard, Gauth, Nyarlathotep, Agramon, Narglauth, [EDIT: Dragon Turtle] and the other Bones V paint set. Maybe a couple more I've missed.
  8. Okay, I think this is now finished. Always the temptation to tweak further 😄
  9. Thanks! I think I'll keep it like that 🙂 Work's been too busy for painting this week, but looking forward to getting some more done at the weekend...
  10. Got the basecoat done. Wasn't sue how the greens I have to hand might work; still not sure about the duller green on the small scales. May tweak (and perhaps break up some of the single colour blocks) before I go further... As ever, aiming for table rather than competition standard (which is way beyond my abilities anyway 😄).
  11. Wonderful 🙂 May have to not look while I get underway on mine!
  12. Further progress! Additional highlighting on the blue (though some of the scales need a little more work), and some additional work elsewhere too. Getting close now... (Apologies for the poor photos - trying to get the lighting sorted, but it feels like underlit or overlit are the current options 😬).
  13. Given that I'm getting close to finished on the blue, felt like time to prime the green ...
  14. Thanks all 😀 A little further progress while I'm waiting for some new blue paint to go back in on the highlighting...
  15. Some further progress. Definitely needs a lighter dry brush on the underbelly - probably yellowed bone. Still not sure whether to leave the blue alone, or go for some further light blue highlights there too...
  16. Thank you 🙂 I have to admit your fabulous red made me a little nervous about posting this one - especially those wings! Thank you! The back right leg is a tiny bit off, but only by a millimetre or two.
  17. First time posting here, spurred by the arrival of my Bones V minis last Friday. Planning to work my way through the big dragons, starting with Shavynra. Only a casual painter, so this won't reach the high standards set by other here I'm afraid. But keen to join in the fun and welcome (gentle) suggestions. First up, base coat: And a first pass at shading and dry-brushing the blue, and layering the underbelly.
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