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  1. I love a direct update from the Reaper staff like this!
  2. Huh. TIL what '4k' actually means. I never bothered to look it up, always assumed it was more marketing term than technical definition. I haven't looked into upgrading and researching the current tech because I'm fine with my 720p, 10+ year old 40" plasma TV that still works flawlessly.
  3. I got the email, clicked the link. KS funds matched PM funds, so I think that linked correctly. Added my Core set and Owlbear set. Confirmed it and: So it appears everything was working correctly, at least for me! I'll sure I'll come back and add the new paint set ($1.50/bottle is a great deal). May add that $16 dragon. Still waiting for prototype lighthouse images to pull the trigger on that.
  4. I asked a few days ago about the Pledge Manager. There were some issues with coding the Paypal bit, so to my knowledge, they're still working on that. And I assume the Reaper staff were all enjoying the holiday weekend, so likely no progress has happened since last week. EDIT: Looks like the new KS Update (#63) gives us some updates. Just posted.
  5. Any word on the Pledge Manager yet? Last I heard there was some issues with the Paypal coding.
  6. Oh, I like the snapping turtle. I wonder how big it is? I'm hoping for something like slightly overflowing a 2" base. I vote Tanooki Suit
  7. First off, not sure if this is the right section of the forum to ask, but here we go! I'm trying to work through my unpainted pile before Bones 6 comes in, and I have this happy orc as a one of the free minis from an order I placed last summer. He's in two pieces, the seam is right at the wrists, so it'll make painting the front of the torso and the entire weapon easy if painted before assembly. But now my question. How do I assemble it? Does regular kragle super glue work on this kind of metal, or do I need to attach it a different way? I assume I'll need to sand paint/primer of the attachment points so there's a good hold. I haven't worked with metal minis before, so I just need a bit a guidance. Cheers!
  8. Just got a promotion at work. Get to throw more money in the pledge manager when it goes live. And regards to the "Mummy Queen" model, the preliminary sculpt doesn't look very undead to me. Which is fine if they drop "mummy" description. Currently could make a nice desert sorceress villain. I like her and hope she shows up in retail.
  9. Love it or here it, that core set finished at 114 minis for $125. That's a good deal
  10. Nice pics, thanks for sharing! Where are the porcs? They were teased way early and visible in ChaosWolf's pics. Also 350ish more souls and we get the second barbarian
  11. Well I said we might not hit 1.6mil. consider my words eaten.
  12. Has this historically been the case? (This is my first)
  13. Wait 4-8 more hours. It's nearly noon on the east coast now. When people with day jobs get out of work and check their email, we should see a bump. Assuming they're responsible workers, not like me who's typing this from my office lol
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