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  1. I'm debating if I want to order the Swagbox. The contents list says there's a $20 gift certificate. Am I correct in understanding that I Could immediately spend that after recording the box? Making the effective price $40 instead of $60? Also I'm glad that the color swatches and figure previews have been added. A firm high five to whoever added that.
  2. Player characters: - Beardless Male Human wizard in a classic robe and pointy hat - Male Dwarven Druid. A less aggressive stance than SKU 03216 and without the silly antlers - Uncommon class/race combinations, like Dwarven or Goliath spellcasters or Gnomish barbarians - Loxodon Elephant-folk in multiple classes. - Tortle Turtle-folk in multiple classes. Beasties: - A big octopus or squid that looks like it's "standing" like a bipedal creature, in the style of The Kraken from Final Fantasy I - Fierce dire/giant versions of regular animals that are
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