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  1. Thank you! This is exactly what I was looking for (why is it not on Reaper's own site...)
  2. Hello there. Are there any pics or samples of what the colors in the "High Seas Adventure" paint set? The colors sound cool, but I'd like to know what they look like.
  3. I'm debating if I want to order the Swagbox. The contents list says there's a $20 gift certificate. Am I correct in understanding that I Could immediately spend that after recording the box? Making the effective price $40 instead of $60? Also I'm glad that the color swatches and figure previews have been added. A firm high five to whoever added that.
  4. Player characters: - Beardless Male Human wizard in a classic robe and pointy hat - Male Dwarven Druid. A less aggressive stance than SKU 03216 and without the silly antlers - Uncommon class/race combinations, like Dwarven or Goliath spellcasters or Gnomish barbarians - Loxodon Elephant-folk in multiple classes. - Tortle Turtle-folk in multiple classes. Beasties: - A big octopus or squid that looks like it's "standing" like a bipedal creature, in the style of The Kraken from Final Fantasy I - Fierce dire/giant versions of regular animals that are
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