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  1. Who are you calling paranoid? It's me right? You're all talking about me!!! But really I do love Friend Computer and will endeavour to be the best clone I can be.
  2. This was a great video and I'm so glad to see Scott go back to this kind of content. What I found interesting and have experienced taking on commissions was this sense that even when you think you know what you're going to do on a piece (he points out he's already done models for that faction at the start). The scheme evolves as he goes. Like he said, I think the reverse might have been a bit more interesting but one key thing for a lot of painters is how effective leaving parts of the model black can be. Scott is not a fast painter as he's said before but for many folks that first model is al
  3. OBS is incredible. A lot of community support, flexibility and potential. XSplit is the other popular one that I know of but I've seen a lot more reports of issues with it. YouTube is your friend for learning these things. There is absolutely a learning curve but if you're familiar with video editing (eg Hit Film Express or iMovie) then most of it should be familiar and the rest is basically a one time set up process.
  4. I'm so glad you liked it!!! Also +1 on Daiso - absolutely incredible store for hobbyists.
  5. ragados

    Home safe

    We did ~500 on Sunday then just pushed through on Monday to get back to Cali. Flying is definitely looking to win out next year. Great to meet you as well!!!
  6. ragados

    Home safe

    Do not recommend driving 1200 miles in a day... Even when you earn 'bonus hours' by driving West... Home safe none the less! Think I'll fly next year 😂
  7. This was my first Reaper Con so I think my perspective is more comparative to other cons than post years. Generally there is a wealth of accessible activities and everyone is super friendly. Stock levels for most vendors and the bucks store were a bit of an issue but I think this was a product of it being 2021 more than anything else. The vendors I spoke to seemed to be selling well beyond expectations. As an artist in the alley I have to say it felt a bit of a weird space. I don't know of any other con that runs this in quite the same way. Many of us artists are not pros
  8. I'll be pretty much at my table in artist's alley all day tomorrow or chatting to other artists for anyone that's still missing me on their bingo... Or missing my wit, charm and British accent whichever 😜
  9. Risk of water damage adding a new dimension to forum bingo!
  10. Hey y'all I'll be at my table on artist's alley the rest of the evening. Fancy check mark if you apply alcohol 😜
  11. We're on our way! Been making a few stops en route...
  12. Hey Folks! Call me Raggy This'll be my first in person ReaperCon and I'll be teaching a couple of classes. I had a load of ribbons printed... and then forgot them 😢
  13. This series really is incredible. If you ever want a shot at gold in MSP, you should read this.
  14. Hey Folks, Over on Instagram I started group for mini painters looking to buddy up with others to help & get help. It became #hobbymentor and has it's own account now https://www.instagram.com/hobbymentor/ and kinda evolved into it's own discord channel. If you'd like to find out more or just grab a ribbon - come find me!
  15. I am very up for this! Username and Avatar I'm there Wed evening to Sun noon.
  16. I also love the idea of Houses.
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