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  1. Brushmaster


    OK a wash ? what do you recommend? Mind this is first time Ive painted in over 2 1/2 years , so Im just getting my hand back in . Im still a bit shaky and Its hard holding my hand still anymore
  2. Brushmaster


    You have done an excellent job but why not leather wrappings around the handle of the hammer ?
  3. Brushmaster


    Im starting to get inot the swing with this one
  4. Brushmaster


    To finish my first lot is the warcaster Sorscha
  5. Brushmaster

    Khador Kodiac

    Hmmm.... dont know how to do darklining
  6. Brushmaster

    Khador Kodiac

    The 3rd of my warjacks
  7. Brushmaster

    Khador Destroyer

    Its a Destroyer for the Warmachine faction of Khador
  8. Brushmaster

    Khador Juggernaut

    My second jack
  9. Brushmaster

    Khador Destroyer

    After a 2 year hiatus I've gotten back into some painting
  10. Brushmaster

    Some my recent stuff as promised

    sorry not the best photos as they are from my phone . When I get some time I will post better shots
  11. Brushmaster

    Been to hell and back

    Thanks everyone and Ive just put up my first show offs in ages , check 'em out
  12. Brushmaster

    Some my recent stuff as promised

    Here are some Warmachine Khador stuff I've done recently
  13. Brushmaster

    Been to hell and back

    Thanks guys and gals . Ive been doing a little painting and when I get some time I will show them off in pictures .
  14. Brushmaster

    Been to hell and back

    Hi all . Its been a long time since Ive been on the boards for well over a year and that has been due to a few factors. One , the health of my has not been good and to top it off after she gets better , she goes off with another guy behind my back . so needless to say , Im getting divorced . Good thing though now as I have more time to paint miniatures , not that breaking up is good , especially when kids are involved , well only one kid . So you might see me around a bit more .
  15. Brushmaster

    Color Equivalencies

    Im looking for the equivalent for the old 19003 Bright Red , thanks