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  1. OK a wash ? what do you recommend? Mind this is first time Ive painted in over 2 1/2 years , so Im just getting my hand back in . Im still a bit shaky and Its hard holding my hand still anymore
  2. You have done an excellent job but why not leather wrappings around the handle of the hammer ?
  3. Im starting to get inot the swing with this one
  4. To finish my first lot is the warcaster Sorscha
  5. Hmmm.... dont know how to do darklining
  6. Its a Destroyer for the Warmachine faction of Khador
  7. After a 2 year hiatus I've gotten back into some painting
  8. sorry not the best photos as they are from my phone . When I get some time I will post better shots
  9. Thanks everyone and Ive just put up my first show offs in ages , check 'em out
  10. Here are some Warmachine Khador stuff I've done recently
  11. Thanks guys and gals . Ive been doing a little painting and when I get some time I will show them off in pictures .
  12. Hi all . Its been a long time since Ive been on the boards for well over a year and that has been due to a few factors. One , the health of my has not been good and to top it off after she gets better , she goes off with another guy behind my back . so needless to say , Im getting divorced . Good thing though now as I have more time to paint miniatures , not that breaking up is good , especially when kids are involved , well only one kid . So you might see me around a bit more .
  13. Im looking for the equivalent for the old 19003 Bright Red , thanks
  14. Do we have a colour equivalent for the old Pro Paint ?
  15. Thanks , been a while since Ive been on here too . Go a new job/promotion and have not gamed or painted in over 6 months . What little time i like to see m y web comics .
  16. Tried to get my weekly dose of OOTS and the site isnt there. Anyone know whats happened?
  17. Thanks for the info . I have taken the time to read both those threads but could find anything about comparison to MSP colours . Is there and thread or chart which shows comparitable colours becuase I need to finish some projects off after a year off painting / gaming , etc .
  18. Yeh sure it's been a very long time since I've been on the boards but I just tried to look for Pro Paints in the store and could not fnd them . Have they been discoontinued ? Pity if that is the case .
  19. I haven't been able to frequent the boards much lately , if at all . Reason , my wife got sick with "C" and had to have major surgery to remove it . Everthings fine now but I've been playing Nurse , which just happens to be my actual profession . So , what did I miss ?
  20. Well ,we're a bit soggy down here but we are all pitching in . I've got relatives in both affect areas in Queensland and Victoria , but they're all safe though the clean up will take months . I haven't heard from Voladilk in Ballarat , so I'm hoping things are OK .
  21. Oh , I saw they had a few . They just need more !
  22. Sorry , but I've been away for a while , well not really away but family and real life just got too busy . Anyway I just noticed all the Bundle Deals in the on-line store ! Great idea Reaper , now more army deals please .
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