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  1. I built a rudimentary light box out of a shipping box, some poster paper. and a little tulle or some similar fabric this past year. I've been overall pleased with the superior quality of the photos for me, but light is still a little difficult. I use my OttLite desk lamp (that I also bought for minis painting), but the only real clear space where I can set up easily within reach of a power plug is the floor, which is less than easily convenient as well. I think having some battery lights would help out, and as the box is about 14" tall to accommodate large figures, having something on stands/tripods to be able to top light as well would be nice. Does anyone here have experience or suggestions in that idea range?
  2. Thanks! Alice's distinctive markings, as pretty much anything nice I create, were completely accidental. I was regretting picking such a dark brown for her fur (I tend to lean very brown in everything), and trying to highlight her ears against her leather helm more, progressively trying lighter and lighter shades and still not satisfied. Then I remembered that just like clothing, animals don't have to be the same color all over, and lots of animals have rings and stripes and socks and such. And I was so pleased by the highlighting that I expanded the scheme to a couple other places
  3. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them....maybe you can hire The C-Team. They've been in and out of the Wastes, they scaled the walls of Mezos, they struck down* the Witch-Lord of Paran-Delv, they retrieved the Pearl of Keertan, and found the Lost* Gem of Morag. Individually... well, they've been called many things. Talented. Acrobatic. Mouthy. A menace. Let's not get bogged down in the details. But together, they are the C-Team. You'll see why. First up is Trell. Fast on her paws, faster on her strings, and can put an arrow through thirteen axes at a moment's notice. Don't make her angry. Horace is the quiet one. preferring to contemplate the mysteries of the universe, and doing puzzles in his spare time. You probably don't want to make him angry either though. You won't like it when he's angry. Did we say Horace was the quiet one? That's only because Erryn is the silent one. When she wants to be, which is only usually when there's lethal danger on the line. The rest of the time, she's... excessively volumetrically expressive. But if you need a second story woman, or a skilled *snrk* cat burglar, she can help. Trell gets angry. Horace gets angry. Alice gets [i]fierce[/i]. When she's not working a job with her people, she spends time working people to get jobs, and enjoys a [i]quiet[/i] drink with friends. And given Erryn's tendencies, therein lies the emphasis. Finally, we have Lithia. As you might be able to tell, he likes keeping a garden when he can. He's usually in charge of the team mess -- not to be confused with another individual who is usually responsible for the mess that the team finds themselves with -- and relations with the more natural inhabitants that they encounter. And a couple early shots of Lithia I feel bad about the folds of his cloak, and will probably try and go back and make them look a little more natural and a little less ragged. I'm not a cat person at all, but I started to have a lot more fun as I got along in this group of them. There are a couple small touches I'm really happy with how they turned out, and overall they're table pieces anyways, so no one's going to be looking too hard.
  4. Ah, so black where you want shadows, white for highlights, etc., to have it influence the upper layers? Cool, I didn't know there was a fancy term for that, thank you 🙂
  5. What does grisaille value sketch mean here?
  6. I'm not entirely sure, but is that merfolk in the cluster of three with long-shafted weapons, after the short people? Loving the look of those sculpts, and sure I'll totally mess up all those scales.
  7. Thank you! I'll put more effort into mold lines. I don't have a straight up rust color, what sort of shades do you like to use for that?
  8. Models 77236 and 77012. Say hello to the brothers Silverpeak. Alejandro, Cornelius (Corny behind his back), and Laurence (Lo). They've made a family business out of adventuring, saving lives, and the occasional act of grand larceny. First we have the oldest, Alejandro. He's the left wing man, and enjoys picking flowers, and jobs where no one comes home missing a limb or ends up out of commission for months at a time. Laurence is the middle brother, and takes the right wing of the formation. He prefers things brutal and fierce, wrestles for recreation, and making a ruckus. His nickname comes from part of their pack tactics, that generally involve Alejandro swinging on their target's right side, while he comes in low with the anklebreaker from the left side. Cornelius is the youngest of the boys, and holds the centerline of their battle formation. His recreation time is often spent running -- perhaps a defensive mechanism from growing up with two older brothers, perhaps an aftereffect of his build, perhaps a necessary part of leading the rush. Or maybe he just likes the feeling. He's also the accountant of the group, balancing their jobs with expenditures for medical help, maintenance and upgrades of equipment, and brawl expenses. Now you know the rescuers of fair maidens and fair treasure from The Waist (a mountain range). Hopefully next time you meet them, your pockets aren't full, or they won't be for long. But if you ever find yourself in a bad spot, there's few worse boys to call on. For imaginary bonus points, tell me what order they were painted in. There is a fair amount of time between each individual model being painted, and I suspect viewers can tell by the quality which came first and so on 😉
  9. From the Bones V Kickstarter stretch goals, a Murkillor sculpt. I didn't realize how big or unique he was until I had opened him up and gotten the glue in there, and at that point I was committed to trying to figure out what to do with this fellow. Obvious kinship to the Black Captain, particularly the popular film version, as well as the army of the dead and their king. I didn't want to be too stereotypical with his color scheme though, so this is what I ended up with. Probably the one and only time I'll ever be fairly satisfied with a layering and blending job, but it works well I think. Worth leaving at the tableside just to caution the players. CC as always 🙂
  10. When you say highlighting the edge, you mean the top rim of the outer 'wall'? Or better yet, examples? My second base I ended up leaving in black; I'll get around to posting him soon, but it worked pretty well too I think
  11. So much fun with this guy. Lots to do, without being so detailed as to drive me bonkers. I love the way he looks for the camera. Also my first attempt ever at basing, since he wasn't attached in the packaging so I decided to try to learn. Not great, but I learned from the experience, and still like the way it looks. Overall pretty satisfied with this one. And as a bonus image, a standoff with 91001, Stone from Savage Worlds
  12. And, like all cats, this one is, as per its classification from the Bones II, a devil. Meet the Hell Cat, 77327. I've included a couple of the early base shots that I took for comparison. I'm pretty satisfied with the general aesthetic of this guy, but it also makes me appreciate the newer minis a lot more too. Blending the mane out was an exercise in learning for me, and I'm still not thrilled with how it looks, but good enough to put on the table.
  13. Digging the color scheme, and love the flowers to compliment!
  14. For the RCL February theme of Winged Fury, I present the Osyluth, or Bone Devil. This was a blind paint job, meaning I was too lazy to look up common depictions of the creature to figure out what things were or common colors. So hence, the wings, easily my least favorite part of the finished product. I do like the way the skeleton itself came out though. And, as you can see, he has a certain lunge and lean to him that I couldn't get permanently corrected even with multiple baths; I suspect a better and more resourceful person than myself might have pinned or somehow otherwise supported those spindly legs, but for now, he'll go in the crypt surprise bin.
  15. Fall painting jobs. When I pulled these out of the storage drawers, I didn't actually know what they were supposed to be, so the first one I just went for; there's one in progress shot of him in there too. Then I looked up what the second one was supposed to be, and decided I had done alright and to go with it. Not a spectacularly detailed job, but sufficient unto the needs of the model, I think.
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