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  1. Ah, OK! I like to look at other people's paint jobs sometimes for inspiration, or trying to figure out what some bit/flavour a mini is supposed to be. One of the currently bottled ones could either be a golem, an undead, or someone in a helmet. In the end it's whatever I make it, just was looking for an easy way to look him up. Thanks!
  2. How do you figure out the SKU or whatever numbers for the V kickstarter figures? I can't find a lot of them on the main store page... the four number code from the KS display image page?
  3. On the top piece or the bottom? You're talking in the shadows, so like on the tail its <<<< At the tip of each piece, where it's shaded by the next piece in line?
  4. This was from a couple months ago; I was pretty unsure what I wanted to do with it. Overall, I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out, particularly given that I think I only had three different colors of blue paint in bottles, and two of them were pretty similar. Watch out this time of year for this fellow, he'll come riding in with the blizzards!
  5. I'll give that a shot, thank you! I think I had it in my head to try and avoid twisting the bristles to avoid stresses of some sort. I was principally talking about post-painting/storage conditioning. I've been very careful about storing them horizontally and drying them on a slight down grade. I've got both natural and synthetics, but the only ones I'm concerned really about are the naturals.
  6. How on earth do you shape your details back to a point? I've got conditioner to let set on there to hold it in a shape, but I have a lot of trouble shaping my small detail brushes to a nice fine point. If I use my fingers, which seems unwise for oils reasons, they tend to mash flat rather than a nice round. I have a better appreciation for the guides saying not to use your mouth now, I can see why that might work. I've been using my nails to try to bring them to a point, and its the best I've been able to get. What do you do?
  7. I painted this set of minis from my drawers as something a little less demanding than the big guy I was working on. They're all from the addons from the Banner Saga board game that came out some years back. This was my first time really paying much attention to human hair and trying to get shading more accurate. CC on the paint job welcome.
  8. Finished post over at https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/97144-demon-lord-of-minotaurs-reaper-77376/
  9. Finally got around to taking some final shots of the guy I've been working at over here. The biggest single model I've done to date. Definitely could use some touch up and better detail work (and a better job of highlighting), but I don't think that's going to happen, and I'm actually fairly satisfied with where it's at. No major work on it all week, so I'll call it finished and it can go to the varnish queue.
  10. Having just received a Winsor series 7 detail brush this week, before I actually breach the case, I wanted to make sure I'm not doing any immense harm to my existing brushes in my routine (mostly Reapers, a few taklon bulk brushes for broad strokes). Dab the tip in the pain/glaze whatever. Use a paper towel and my rinse can to try to get the paint to the thickness I want. Apply. Dip in rinse can, agitate. Wipe a couple times on a paper towel; if it's clean, let it rest horizontally, preferably without the bristles resting against the paper towel or cardboard I use for painting on. Otherwise rinse and repeat until it's not brushing out color. Do the whole thing over in ten minutes when the previous layer dries. Every couple of days of occasional work in the evenings, take all the brushes into the sink at the end of the night, rinse thoroughly, brushing lightly with fingers and lathering with B&J brush conditioner/cleaner, then shape bristles into a point and leave the clean lather to dry on until the next day. Most of the tips my googling turned up were along the lines of don't use concentrated soaps, don't leave in water, don't leave upside down to dry, and don't shape the bristles with your mouth; none of which were things I was doing. I have no experience arting though, so I want to make sure I'm treating my tools right. Things I shouldn't do that I am, or vice versa?
  11. AKA my first try at any form of blending. Strangely, I feel I got worse as I got practiced. Started at the back, loved the way I got it blended and graded, and felt progressively worse as I moved forward. Ended up recoloring the front legs from red to what they are now, I didn't like too much red. Going for a bit of demon, a bit of poison toad in this one. Pretty happy with my rocks and mud though. Suggestions on focus improvement areas?
  12. Got busy with a new toy, so haven't touched it so much. A little bladework though, I'm feeling OK about the way that part is looking.
  13. Loincloth is in place, started on augmenting the shoulderguard and basing the weird polearm thing. One of those things I'm probably overthinking and overworking -- I've put about six glaze coats on the shaft to make it not quite black or brown or red, and it probably won't matter that much anyways, but you can see some residue on the base and skull where it dripped down.
  14. My object of interest here is those horns, love the coloring you did on the striations.
  15. Goblin set from the last KS. My first project from sprue to table and let me tell you, I was not fond of those small keyholes. The bard was a ton of fun, eventually. And the wizard was pretty enjoyable to paint too.
  16. Sitting on the table drying some glue right now, he's been a slow and scary one for me, and still have a lot to do. Trying to figure out what I want him to look like is hard, and trying to figure out how to get to that point is even more difficult. And ugh, that side shot. Cleanup on a wash overuse there. Pretty happy with most of the armor plating and the fur so far though, still need to glaze the glued-on bits and finish with his loincloth. Also pleased with the strapping on his armor.
  17. How do the Vallejo's do with drying out too quick? I've noticed that with the Reapers that I have, and the Army Painter Greedy Gold I have as well, that even on a wet palette, they're virtually unusable within an hour or so of dispensing.
  18. Thank you for the tips and the example. I have expanded my selection of bottles -- I have over fifty now I believe, from the two LTP kits, Citadel Starter pack, and some assorted other MSP and such I picked up a while ago. I should have a complete set of the MSP Pure/Clears that I could find, at least.
  19. In the process of learning how to get the colors and effects I want on my paint jobs. Have played some with mixing different shades to try to get closer, just recently picked up LTP#2 and experimenting with glazes to shift colors in a more subtle way. Eluding me thusfar though, is how to shift within a single color. Adding some black has helped some -- to go from grass green to forest green, for example, but I haven't figured how to go the other way, or in a less dramatic fashion. Without actually having a different shade of the same color, is there something I can do to go from a dark wood brown to a light leather brown? Or, in the two examples currently on my table, go from a dark blue or bright red to something a bit lighter? I've tried glazing it with white, but really that just makes it look a bit plagued.
  20. I haven't unbagged and glued everything yet -- feels like there's a lot more assembly necessary this time around versus some previous Bones I bought in on -- but I haven't seen any dice in the mix. Wasn't that one of the unlocked stretch goals? Not like I really need more, and maybe they were bagged with some figs. Anyone else find theirs?
  21. Ooh, thank you! Looking at them again, nearly all the problems of this sort, or of mixed paint out of the bottle not applying great, have been metallics. The swords and shields I've done so far have taken quite the beating. I'll try the black base next time!
  22. I am trying to, but that seems the most likely of the points. I do use a brush for cleaning. I've been doing them in batches on purpose, so I'll do some work on each of three or four then let them sit for twenty or thirty minutes before doing more; I've noticed that some of the colors seem to change consistency on the palette a lot quicker than others. Blade Steel and Polished Silver seem to dry up fast for me, Dragon Bronze seems to almost separate into different colors. Thanks all 🙂
  23. I'm a brand new to really trying to do mini painting at all, so I picked up the LTPKs out of a complete lack of knowledge and despair at the size of my collection. So far, it's bee enjoyable, even if not looking good. Painting Bones with MSP paints. I'm following the advice as best as I can -- scrubbing with soap and water before, letting it dry, paint base -- but am having trouble in a few spots with paint persistently flaking off. A good example is the Bones V Goblin Minstrel -- the tubes that come over his shoulders will hold their paint for about four hours, and then it all comes off. I presume I'm doing something wrong, but I don't know how to fix it. Suggestions?
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