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    Lifetime Model Railroad Nut. RPG player since White Box First Edition D&D, which led to painting miniatures, and collecting dragons.

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  1. They won't "get it" until the IT Department removes the ability to do attachments from HRs email privileges. GEM And while they are at it they need to include the numbskulls in management who think this is OK from the unrestricted email list.
  2. The phrase "Damned if you do, Damned if you don't" comes to mind. GEM
  3. Condolences. Sending thoughts and prayers your direction. GEM
  4. You are probably also seeing the approach of October. GEM
  5. You can add Golden Age of Hollywood movie star Myrna Loy to the list of famous film redheads. Started in the silent era, and in the 30s played opposite William Powell [and their dog Asta] in The Thin Man series of movies, as well as a host of other hit movies. Addendum: Voted "Queen of Hollywood" in the same poll where Clark Gable [another of her repeat co-stars] was voted "King of Hollywood". GEM
  6. It'll probably work better if you invite him to the celebration and stand for the first round. GEM
  7. Today is National Drink Beer Day. That is all. GEM I'll have a Porter if you please.
  8. I just checked the Wet Palette from rangmy Reapercon Goodie Box and it's still sealing nicely. I assembled it and added an appropriate amount of water when I first received the order. It's been two weeks now and even with our low humidity low 30% range for a daily high] I still get a small puddle of water when I tip the tray so all the extra moisture collects in one corner. GEM
  9. OR, since a clipboard and a camera are hard to manage at the same time, a notebook big enough to be obviously sticking out of a pocket and a new but sharpened pencil stuck behind an ear. Plus stopping to scribble notes after taking each picture. Standard equipment for a lot of trainspotters. Lot easier to refer to a field notebook than to try to remember all the details of when a particular picture was taken, especially when you are doing a number of pictures in the same general vicinity. GEM Who is paying the physical price today for yesterdays training session at the Railroad Museum. Too much physical activity for a sedentary old man, but also, too much fun.
  10. Hopefully you can have one of those new sleeving systems put in the pipe so you don't have to dig up the entire basement and replace the whole drain line. GEM
  11. Summer has packed it's bags and departed for warmer climes, the Canada Geese are in town along with thousands of motorcyclists. It's the weekend for Street Vibrations in Reno so there are, literally, thousands of bikes in the area right now. GEM
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