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    Lifetime Model Railroad Nut. RPG player since White Box First Edition D&D, which led to painting miniatures, and collecting dragons.

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  1. I'm going to need Dr. Brown to build me a Dual Mr. Fusion much more powerful Microwave Oven: Because the neighbors might object to me building a Blast Furnace for use as a cooking appliance.
  2. The lawyer is fake but the chicken sandwich is real. GEM
  3. There is an actual Cakewalk Celebration here in Nevada [and it is coming up soon] in Genoa [pronounced Ge-noa], the first settled community in Nevada. My Bad. It's actually called the "Genoa Candy Dance" and it was last weekend. Started as a local fundraiser in 1919 to purchase street lights and has become an ongoing festival. GEM
  4. This hits close to home as my ReaperCon alternate persona is "The Headmaster of a world famous school of Magic And Wizardry" We are saddened by the news. GEM
  5. So where's the temperature sign reading miles per hour? GEM
  6. I just find them and post them. I don't write them, or do the sort of proofreading and then do [equivalent of] photoshop [Linux system so I use GIMP]. Basically, find, copy, paste, with editorial remarks. GEM Who has one saved for when the first snow flies.
  7. Indeed it is and @PaganMegan made the turn in first place. GEM
  8. What's really sad is there are at least Two Elvis's [Elvi?] in the entertainment industry, separated by a couple of generations. GEM
  9. Careful, that's how Craft Breweries get started. GEM
  10. You might possibly encourage future contributions along these lines by gifting the person responsible for the contribution with a "generous sample" [I'm thinking at least a growler of finished product] of the product produced using the contributed hops. GEM
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