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  1. "Put down the Hot Dog and Step Away From The Bun." Makes you wonder what "extra ingredients" these particular dogs contain. It certainly isn't "11 secret herbs and spices" GEM
  2. Worked for me. Also, one of the following articles is about Jay Leno. https://www.msn.com/en-us/tv/news/after-suffering-second-vehicular-accident-in-months-it-looks-like-there-s-even-more-bad-news-for-jay-leno/ar-AA16Qqi6?cvid=00ca00abe05b4387b483a3834187d116 He is having a run of bad luck, where, besides being burned in the fire at his garage he suffered a motorcycle crash in January and his TV show Jay's Garage has been cancelled along with several other Fox shows. GEM
  3. Cubicle "redecorated" while occupant was on vacation: Remember the Peter Principal Manager from yesterday? That's the kind of person who would actually consider this as a way to cut down on bathroom break time. GEM
  4. Now this is "Phishing": https://katu.com/news/offbeat/pet-fish-goes-on-shopping-spree-using-owners-credit-card-and-nintendo-switch-pokemon-scarlet-violet-youtube-livestream-mutekimaru A tip of the hat to @haldir for the A&W article. This one is the next one below it. GEM
  5. Sounds like a Poster Child for The Peter Principal. GEM
  6. My source was the every half hour news summary on Red Eye Radio, an overnight broadcast whose primary intended audience is truckers and others who are "up and running" in the overnight hours. GEM So more film/TV exposure featuring the real world setting of The Bridges of Madison County. gem
  7. Wave to the asteroid as it goes by. We're getting a close pass from what is described as a delivery van size asteroid tonight. Estimated circa 2200 miles at closest approach. The thing was only discovered last year. Which raises the question, what other stuff is out there that's going to give us a "close shave" that hasn't been discovered yet. GEM
  8. Do you see Dr. Doom? Once seen I can't "unsee" it. GEM
  9. I've just been phoned for "Authorization of your Amazon Account" to pay for some expensive chatzki. I don't have an Amazon Account. Somebodies phishing line just got snagged and snapped. GEM
  10. Stroopwafel Stew Stroopwafel Soup And that All American County Fair Classic: Deep Fried Stroopwafel. GEM
  11. My current "model" railroad endeavors are in 1:1 scale. The "Great Roundhouse in the Closet" still contains all my treasures for my "dream layout" of the Virginia and Truckee RR. In the interim, I've made contact with a member of a local model railroad group. GEM
  12. "Squirrel" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2EwpZsJzC4&t=25s GEM
  13. The first problem is finding where the manufacturer hid the steering wheel. Seriously, if the flangeways across the road get packed full of ice that has a hard freeze, it can lift the entire locomotive out of the flangeways and cause a derailment. In December at the Railroad Museum we had to walk the track at certain critical locations and shovel and sweep those areas clear of snow and ice before equipment could safely be run over those sections of track. We are currently shut down till spring and temperatures rise. The "for profit" railroads don't have our option. GEM
  14. Good Eyes. I totally missed that. One possible explanation, hotels like this are often located adjacent to each other, especially if there is a Convention Center as part of one of the facilities. GEM
  15. The construction equipment might do OK until the first maintenance/repair problem pops up, then it's done for. A blown hydraulic hose, thrown tread, or any of a laundry list of problems you don't even have to think about with an automobile will put the whole operation out of commission. GEM
  16. Valet Parking eh? Note the new design space saving parking space next to the back hoe. GEM
  17. This might help: https://skyandtelescope.org/astronomy-blogs/explore-night-bob-king/see-the-sun-from-other-stars/ GEM
  18. One of the more dismaying aspects of living to a "ripe old age", besides the aches and pains one accumulates, is watching the world you grew up with and had your most active years in slowly fade away as the "special people" leave this vale of tears. GEM
  19. Mine is stocked with Single Malt Scotch and Triple Distilled Irish Whiskies. "Water back" comes out of the tap. GEM
  20. That one is contemporary with a young Bert Parks. GEM
  21. RIP David Crosby at age 81. He's been in poor health for quite a while. Best known for Crosby, Stills, and Nash, he was also part of the iconic sound of The Byrds. First Jeff Beck and now David Crosby. Year is already taking a toll. GEM
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