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  1. That may account for my seeing bare shelves in that section of our local Smith's on a recurring basis. Which I won't be observing for at least a week while I'm under quarantine. Another day of feeling like tattered road kill. No energy, some agitation but not as bad as the middle of the week, upset GI tract. Covid sucks. GEM Addendum: On a positive note, Forge of Empires is now loading properly, even though my motivation for keeping my city attended to is lacking.
  2. Thanks. Starting to feel half human.. The feelings of agitation are subsiding and I am able to sleep enough to where I don't feel quite like road kill. Still no energy, but since it's an improvement, I'm not complaining. GEM
  3. Thanks to all for the positive vibes. Hopefully, I'm past the peak as I'm now able to get some sleep, short catnaps to an hour or more at a stretch. Cathy is going in tomorrow to get tested, as a precaution not because of any symptoms. GEM
  4. Health Care Provider has requested that I donate blood plasma when I get over the 'rona. They seem to think that the natural antibodies I will have generated will be helpful to others. Guess I'm still good for something after all. GEM
  5. So I went to Urgent Care yesterday after a hellish nigh where I got about 15 minutes cumulative "sleep". Gave them my symptoms, nausea, loose bowels, temperature fluctuation, restlessness, inability to sleep. They did a flu swab test and a swab test for Covid. Flu test came back negative for both Infuenza A and B. Lab tech said while jamming a swab way to far up in my sinuses " right now, everything is covid, even hangnails". Terrific. They told me to "go home and get some rest". Uh-huh, like that's possible. I did manage to get some intermittent sleep through the afternoon and then interrupted sleep all night long. They just emailed me the results and I've got the 'rona. Which sucks because, well it just does. Today is actually the first day this week I've felt half human and not like week old road kill. On another front, Forge of Empires did a major update and broke the system. Loads to circa 48 to 52% then hangs. GEM Sucks to be me.
  6. Wife and I are both suffering through a bought of Stomach/Intestinal Flu. Symptoms are wrong for Covid, which I guess is a small point in our favor. GE[R]M
  7. Sounds like somebody at B.I.R.D.S. is Angry at M.E.O.W. Getting M.E.O.W. field agents addicted to cheap and readily available high calorie snacks that will get them to put on weight and therefore degrade their physical performance is inimical. GEM
  8. Gives a whole new meaning to "grass fed cattle". GEM Presented on Heavy Metal serving-ware. GEM
  9. If you want to descend into utter decadence try mixing barbecue sauce with either mayo, ranch dressing, or sour cream. For complete gastronomic debauchery mix the bbq sauce with cream cheese. GEM
  10. 😆 Just seeing to it that the material is returned to its original owner. GEM
  11. Gets hit with bags full of swept up glitter from every corner of the room. GEM
  12. One Glitter Bomb, Two Glitter Bomb, Three Glitter Bomb . . . . . {With a tip of the hat to the telephone operator {ringy dingy}] GEM
  13. Ask your self this question: If they hadn't been born, and lived, how would it affect your lineage? GEM
  14. Long drive in the best of weather. Hope you didn't encounter too much snow and ice. GEM
  15. It would appear that Marvin The Martian is now ordering from the special products section of the ACME Catalog. GEM
  16. I need one with wheels, four wheels. And a trailer. GEM
  17. This is another indication of poor management. If there is a truck breakdown there is nobody there to backstop the driver and get whatever help is necessary on the way. Flat tire/blowout,, truck is stuck for hours until somebody from dispatch can get tire service rolling. Reefer failure, frozen foods are going to start to defrost and the company may loose half a truck load of food from spoilage in the summer time. Something as simple as a broken auxiliary/fan belt can disable the vehicle for hours till a mechanic is dispatched. And no, the tire guy isn't usually equipped to do engine work. GEM Addendum: In addition, without anyone manning Dispatch there is no way you will be contacted in the event of a truck breakdown to notify your store of the delay. That is of course unless you have one of the exceptional drivers who actually has the store phone number and cares enough to call.
  18. We had it but not only did it go away, the stuff on the surrounding hills and mountains is gradually dwindling away as well. Temperatures are running between low teens and just above freezing at the warmest point of the day, but we have enough sunshine that the white stuff keeps melting. But not to worry. Weather Guessers say there are more storms on the way by the middle of the week. GEM
  19. Classes held monthly at multiple locations around here. [Seriously, they are] GEM
  20. As long as you and your co-worker keep "making it happen" by covering for the incompetence and insanity you are being forced to deal with the abuse will continue. My advice is to gradually cut back on how fast you guys break down and stock these loads until you are performing to the same level as the stocking crew in other stores. You guys are tearing your guts out for people with no appreciation for what you do and who appear to be at their Peter Principal level, which means they are basically incompetent to do the jobs they are currently holding down. They will continue to take everything you give them, thoughtlessly demand more, and become angry at you when you don't meet their irrational expectations. Eventually, they will break your health, both physical and mental. When stuff starts piling up in the back room and other people start having to make up the shortfall those people will most likely complain about the additional work being piled on them, if they act like normal people placed in such situations. Until your district level management becomes aware of these problems they will continue and you, unfortunately, will bear the brunt of them. I am sorry for you finding yourself in such a situation. It is small comfort to know that you aren't alone in such circumstances but take what comfort you can and know that there is a sea change attitude under way across the nation where ever more people are unwilling to put up with such abuse and seeking employment where competent management exists. GEM
  21. Had an early dinner at one of the Casino's in Carson City. Melt in your mouth Prime Rib with straight horse radish. 💥 Prime Rib is a staple on the menu for most of the Casino's, so most of them try to outdo one another on serving up a really tasty meal, and at a really reasonable price. Then we drove up to Reno and saw the new Kingsman movie. Quite an entertaining adventure on its own and a great back-story. They did a very skillful job of pulling threads of history into a plausible conspiracy and their representation of trench warfare in WWI was more accurate than most, enough to make those of a squeamish temperament feel uncomfortable. It's a movie that stands on its own quite nicely, but is engrossing for those familiar with the franchise. I recommend it to anyone who is a fan of action adventure movies. GEM A Happy, Safe, and Prosperous New Year to All!
  22. Heard it on the news while out running errands. 17 days short of her 100th birthday. I remember her from all the way back to Los Angles Local Television in the early 1950s. RIP Betty White.
  23. Supposed to get down to 9 deg. F tonight in Downtown Reno. They are predicting 17 deg. F at midnight under the Reno Arch where the local big street party is supposed to take place. Personally, wife and I plan to be tucked into a warm bed at that time, after enjoying an early dinner followed by seeing the new Kingsman movie. Happy New Year to all! GEM
  24. Spoilered for Length "The Diary of a Snow Shoveler" GEM
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